ENOMEM error

Posted: April 9, 2009 in networks, OS
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ENOMEM is an OS error code , as defined in kern/include/kern/errno.h ,which is returned due to insufficient

memory. The name ENOMEM stands for Error NO MEMory. Its one of the error codes returned by the fork() call

which means no more storage space available.In connection with sockets they are raised when there isn’t enough

resources available to create a socket. The value of the error code is 12.

And also I have read that from the point of view of an application, ENOMEM is pretty diffiult to be handled constructively. One way to deal with it is to fail instantly and to release all the allocated resources as soon as possible,
avoiding operations requiring allocating new resources [Refer.].

Right now I am having this error when I try to send a large number of UDP packets to a receiver. It happens at the receiver end at a point and then there is a steep increase in the packet loss. Now I am trying to fix it and once its done I will update this post. And if someone can help me with the same, please do it by leaving a comment. And thanx in advance..


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