Nebula project (honeynet) for GSoC

Posted: April 10, 2009 in google

I just read a mail from the GSoC mentor for Nebula from honeynet Mr. Felix Leder. It was so motivating to see a mail that was

typed in very specific for me rather than sending in some mass forward mail giving some general tips and tasks. It asked for

more details regarding the proposal I made,the way i plan to implement it and even asked for the number of holidays i plan to take.

And the best is that they asked me to send in a C code (a simple file operation) just to know my coding style.

Well I am composing the reply but this is a very hectic time right now that I cant put a lot of time on that.But I am happy all this will clear off once I finish my current project on VoIP security which is due by the end of this month. So the Nebula wont be a problem since its supposed to begin after that only…and that time I have absolutely nothing else to do…no class…no exams..nothing…

For more info on the honeynet projects(GSoC) :


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