The Grandfather Paradox

Posted: April 19, 2009 in logic, paradox
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Suddenly i got obsessed with paradoxes. Infact I have always been in love with it. So here is another one and this time its The Grandfather Paradox . This one is for those who believe in the fictions we read especially the time travel stuff. Ooops..

Ok, the paradox is simple,”suppose a man traveled back in time and killed his biological grandfather before the latter met the traveller’s grandmother”. Well then atleast one of his parents will not be born and as a result the traveller itself is not born. Now if he is not born, then there is no way he could have gone back in time and killed his grandfather.If he doesnt go back and kill his granpa then granpa meets grandma and as result he is born.Now if he is born he can then go back and kill his granpa….huh, i’m tired of typing. Isn’t that enough for a paradox.

This is a recursive logical paradox as each case implies its own negation. ie, ~p => p. Well anyway the grandfather is safe for now since there is no way you can travel back in time. But that doesnt make him safe forever,we might invent it any time..Oh are u a cynic and telling me thats not possible at all..Ok then i think u shud watch this ad from RedHat:

See it can happen anytime. So are you a grandfather already or else try not to be. Anyway find your soulmate before some pranky grandchild of yours gets the idea of trying this out..


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