HP to bundle Android!!!

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Corporate, google
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Beware Mr.Gates and his replacement,HP confirms its gonna sell a range of its Internet notebooks with Google Android instead of Vista or W7.That move is expected to let HP sell notebooks at a lower costs and has a better access to google services. Well nowadays Internet has become a synonym for Google services.

But the analysts from around the globe is asking one question.Is Android ready to leep in yet.The mobile version of it is just finished but still to take down a goliath like MS, David need to have more target practice with the catapult.Need to address a lot of issues including availability of softwares and more importantly the drivers. And a user friendly interface that can eclispse that of windows is also a must. Afterall we dont want Google to make those same mistakes as Linux. But the good part is that,its from the Mighty Google and not from some weekend programmer. If they can rule the whole internet in less than a decade,man anything is possible for the wizards there.

Since its based on open source linux kernel all the open source freaks should also be happy.Android lets people contribute.Android was designed for mobile phones but has been seen by some others besides HP as a potential OS for netbooks. Some enthusiasts have been testing Android on netbooks such as Asustek’s Eee PC, and chip makers such as Qualcomm and Freescale hope to bring Android to netbooks running on their Arm-based chips.Now that PC’s and mobiles  are in a way to meet each other Android becomes more relevant.

And I would suggest you guys to read this particular article

Three Reasons Why Android-Powered Netbooks Could Kill Microsoft Windows.

Well the three reasons are simple:

* Money

* Exposure

* Simplicity

Whatever that is, there is one thing I always have to admit “Google Rocks”.


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