The dichotomy paradox

Posted: April 28, 2009 in logic, paradox
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Its amazing to see how the logic fails to explain common things we see around leading to brain teasing paradoxes.

“That which is in locomotion must arrive at the half-way stage before it arrives at the goal”   – Aristotle.

Suppose Homer wants to catch a stationary bus. Before he can get there, he must get halfway there. Before he can get halfway there, he must get a quarter of the way there. Before traveling a fourth, he must travel one-eighth; before an eighth, one-sixteenth; and so on.This description requires one to complete an infinite number of tasks, which Zeno maintains is an impossibility.

This sequence also presents a second problem in that it contains no first distance to run, for any possible (finite) first distance could be divided in half, and hence would not be first after all. Hence, the trip cannot even begin. The paradoxical conclusion then would be that travel over any finite distance can neither be completed nor begun, and so all motion must be an illusion.

Hmmm…weird…so if u have read my previous post, then neither that tortoise can ever finish the race,altough he might be declared as the winner for always maintaining a lead.

PS: Contains adopted contents


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