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Today I saw Angels and Demons..I was a big fan of Dan Brown and have read all his works. Except Deception Point I liked all his works as well. So needless to say I was really waiting for this one to release, and I saw it today since it was the first Sunday after the release(India). It was a good movie I think, but it was way behind the Book in terms of all parameters.

It was showing variations from the original book right from the start. I was shocked to see that it was the Vatican who summons for Langdon and not Mr.Kohler from CERN. In fact the character Kohler was simply erased from the movie. And at CERN Vittoria was present when her dad was killed and the anti-matter was stolen. More surprisingly by the time Langdon reached Vatican, Vittoria was already there. God only knows what lead her there. And Vittoria was an entirely different woman. She never says a word about her Yoga skills and seems like just another woman as opposed to the original who is a stronger character than even Langdon.

Not just erasing characters, they had to remove a lot of elements from the story to trim it down to the standard length of a Hollywood flick. One of them was the “Hassasin”. There was no story behind that guy here. He was not motivated by anything related to his ancient past. He just works as he gets paid and is killed in the end by his master only. That saved a lot of time for the makers and a lot of energy for Langdon and Vittoria. Poor chap..he was really good at killing. I am no saddist, but it was a beauty to see him at work.

And Mr. Chamelango.. he too missed that story behind him. No explosion at the church, no ex-nun mom, no chopper exp(but as in the book,he flies the chopper in the end). And his real relation with the pope was also taken out the picture. He was just a masters pet, thats all. But that guy did a good job. Ewan McGregor was good. I really missed, the test tube baby part.

And in the end, since there was no Kohler, that duty was transfered to the Head of Vatican police. And they were no swiss guards. Seems like the makers felt the Swiss guards were a bit too flashy to carry around. So these guys came in black suit. Of course the swiss were around. In the end the same thing happened. But that dinn happen so grandly as in the book. Of course it was a bit more difficult to shoot than writing on paper.

In the end it was really watchable,but i seriuosly doubt if people would understand a thing if they haven’t really read the book. If i give 10 for the book I will  give a 6 for the movie.


I was just trying to find the answer for that question. Alrite..will update the post when I get the answer..

“Dont expect to be part of an IT department. As a 21st century technology professional, your future — and most likely your desk — will be deeply rooted in the business, and your title will likely be scrubbed of any hint of computers, databases, software development languages or data networks.”

I read this from a blog I accidently stepped on..But that looked very serious. There was a link to this particular article:

IT career paths you never dreamed of…

If you are an IT professional or an IT aspirant like me,then probably you should read this. And the most catchy of all was this quote:

“If you’re a heads- down programmer, you’re at a terrible disadvantage.”

-Patti Dodgen, vice president,

Mosaica Partners

The question is, “what are we?”

I have always wondered how wierd are these Japanese names. I have even thought thesr Japs are crazy. Although I didnt get a reason to think the other way, I just found a cool Flash Toy that can convert your name to the corresponding Japanese name.

My Japanese name is Arikazukashiki ari medorinkashi.
And yours?

May be thats just a toy, as the name suggests, but still it was good to see those names coming up..Now I am gonna ask my mom to call me Arikazukashiki ari medorinkashi…so that the next time she wants someone to help her in the kitchen,she has a good reason not to call me..

Well some time back when I was coding some C for modifying  Linux kernel my guide said ,”Make sure you dont use floating points”.It was that suggestion that aroused my curiousity about floating points and thus I stumbled upon this article.

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic…




This one explains floating point arithmatic very clearly. I think every computer scientist should know about floating point arithmetic before he wants to code something serious. Thats why I thought of sharing this one with you.

Netfilter is a subsystem in the Linux 2.4 kernel. Netfilter provides an generic and abstract interface to the standard routing code. This is currently used in Linux kernel for packet filtering, mangling, NAT(network address translation) and queuing packets to the userspace.I have been using netfilters in my final year project(in VoIP security) as a packet capture mechanism.Netfilter makes connection tracking possible through the use of various hooks in the kernel’s network code.

These hooks are places that kernel code, either statically built or in the form of a loadable module, can register functions to be called for specific network events. An example of such an event is the reception of a packet.

Linux , since 2.4,  supports hooks for IPv4 and IPv6. Netfilter defines five hooks for IPv4. The declaration of the symbols for these can be found in “linux/netfilter_ipv4.h”. These hooks are displayed in the table below:


Called at

NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING After sanity checks, before routing decisions.
NF_IP_LOCAL_IN After routing decisions if packet is for this host.
NF_IP_FORWARD If the packet is destined for another interface.
NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT Packets coming from local processes on their way out.
NF_IP_POST_ROUTING Just before outbound packets “hit the wire”.

The NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING hook, called as the first hook after a packet has been received, has been used for packet capture in this project. The following diagrams diagrammatically represents where exactly does each of these hooks operate at.

At any of these hooks we can define Callback functions which act as handler routines. These functions are invoked when the corresponding network event occurs. Now the fate of the packet is determined by the return code of the hook function. Various return codes available are:

Return Code


NF_DROP Discard the packet.
NF_ACCEPT Keep the packet.
NF_STOLEN Forget about the packet.
NF_QUEUE Queue packet for userspace.
NF_REPEAT Call this hook function again.

The NF_DROP return code means that this packet should be dropped completely and any resources allocated for it should be released. NF_ACCEPT tells Netfilter that so far the packet is still acceptable and that it should move to the next stage of the network stack. NF_STOLEN is an interesting one because it tells Netfilter to “forget” about the packet. What this tells Netfilter is that the hook function will take processing of this packet from here and that Netfilter should drop all processing of it. This does not mean, however, that resources for the packet are released. The packet and it’s respective sk_buff structure are still valid, it’s just that the hook function has taken ownership of the packet away from Netfilter. Unfortunately I’m not exactly clear on what NF_QUEUE really does so for now I won’t discuss it. The last return value, NF_REPEAT requests that Netfilter calls the hook function again. Obviously one must be careful using NF_REPEAT so as to avoid an endless loop.

I will try to add more details on the same with sample codes in my future posts.

PS: The post contains adopted contents. Content was actually prepared for the project documentation purpose.

QR codes

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Its the first time I am hearing about the QR codes (from Gunjan’s blog)..This one is cool with considerable advantages over the standard bar code system. I have got a QR code done for my site URL as well.Here check this out…

You can also get it done here.Well i have got a bar code for the same one as well.

Barcode for my URL

But I think its the bar code that really looks classy..And you can get it done online right from here..