Transcend releases 64 gb flash drives

Posted: May 4, 2009 in hardware
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Hmmm…finally we are having a 64 GB flash drive.The first question that wud come to mind might be why do we ever need that when we can get a TB of space as an external HDD.Well the point is the size and light weight.You can always carry it around in ur pocket and can be used as a lock for the pc or laptop(they do provide the software support for that).And needless to say they dont need the power cable at all.

Looks a bit fat for pen drives,but still small enogh to score over an HDD. And there are also some backup softwares bundled.Hmmm…anyway i cant have my backups fit into a 64 gigs capsule.

On the negative side I doubt the performance.The 32 gig one from kingston I have used was so slow that the only thing it can be ever used for will be to store backups which are hardly ever accessed.And I suspect the performance to be ever worse in this case.Well thats something I am assuming.I havent yet put my hands on one of this.Call me the prejudiced.Now I will come back to one point I already mentioned.Do we really need it. Personally I will preffer to go for an external HDD which does not need an external power supply.  I just bought one from Seagate(320 gigs) for 3.5 K (INR).Thats way less than a 100 dollars and comes with a 5 year warranty and amazing performance weighing just 160 gms.So why wud I ever need this 64 gigs thing especially if it costs over INR 2000.

Anyway its all upto you,but I strongly recommend not to go for this one unless you have a lot of money and you are out of options.


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