Corporal punishment is a crime

Posted: May 5, 2009 in India

Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are the ones to be respected more than even or parents. But that doesnt give teachers the right to physically abuse the children.Yes I am talking about the ever hot controversey – corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is a crime, its child abuse. Its a barbarian way to bring on discipline and anyone resorting to such acts should be tried under criminal procedures.

What prompted me to pen this was the recent unfortunate incident with Shanno Khan a 11 year old Delhi school girl, who never survived the kind of punishment she got from her teacher. She was beaten and then made to stand on hot sun for over 2 hours…this is way off the limits. And yet there has been no action against the teacher responsible. I swear if that happened to my girl, I would never have waited for the government to take an action. Its the parents who suffered.Their daughter is no more,why,she failed to do her homeworks.Ayub Khan, Shanno’s father, breaks down while relating Shanno’s last words to her mother: “I never want to go to school again”. Shanno died the next day after the incident while she was in a coma, on April 17.

Its so sad to hear that its practiced the most in our nation.According to a 2007 joint study by UNICEF, Save the Children and the Indian government, 65% of school-going children have faced corporal punishment in India.Still calling us civilized.During the inquiry, the principal and the other teachers backed the accused teacher’s claim that she did not force Shanno to stand in the sun. So what are they trying to tell, the girl herself opted to stand in the scroaching sun alone for over two hours untill she finally fainted.

So do you think the problem is that we are not having a law against it. Well, then please listen to the current status of the law. India’s Right to Education bill, which guarantees universal education and bans corporal punishment from schools, has been waiting to become a full-fledged law for more than a decade. The Supreme Court ordered a ban on corporal punishment in 2000. But enforcement is weak and it has been implemented in only 17 of 28 states. According to the 2007 report, Delhi was one of four states in India where corporal punishment is most common.

So who is finally the culprit. Dont tell me the answer. Tell it to Mr. Ayub Khan and his wife, because they are the ones who lost their child. Being a waiter without no regular job, we have to see if justice will be served to him. If that doesn’t happen, then the land of snake charmers will be called the land of baby killers one day…


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