Gfail – Gmail Suffers An Outage

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Corporate, google

Another outage from google, but this time its only the gmail. Everything else was up and running. And that lasted only very little, buts its the mighty gmail that went down. That wud be more serious than a days power failure for the whole of NY city. I personally had a big trouble with it. Today was the review date for the Infosys interns and they came to me to download their presentation they have mailed from infosys..Wow, what a timing, Gmail is on a 500..

Anyway the good news is that, its now up and running. Dont worry, its just some consolation for the cynics..Google is not going to go down.. Atleast not untill Googleplex at Mountain View, California gets nuked or something…he he…Google rocks…


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