How to download Youtube videos

Posted: May 17, 2009 in trivia, Uncategorized

Well everyone uses youtube and everytime we find a need to download a clip from there. Unfortunately google doesnt provide a download button for that, but still no need to be sad…there are a lot of ways to get it done. There are online methods, browzer plugins and applications doing the same. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Anyway I will be discussing a few options.

You are working always on ur home PC, then its better to use an application software since it provides a lot of features. The one I would recommend is the orbit downloader . Its a regular download manager that can even handle torrents. Use the grab ++ feature in it and it lists all the embedded videos whenever u open a page in ur browser. Now u can select which all do u want and then either download or schedule for download the same. It supports almost all the browsers available in the market.And it works for any webpage with embedded media and not just youtube.

Now comes the browzer plugin thing. Its best if u are moving around but still carrying ur browzer (portable browzer) along with u in a USB or something like that. The best one I’d suggest is a Firefox plugin called Video DownloadHelper 4.3 . This one will do the trick.

Now for the last option, and that will be to use an online downloader. Pretty unreliable compared to others but still when u are on the move and the other options are not available this one saves the day. Among the online downloaders I preffer . The site alsp provides both the aforementioned options as well. Now u have options to directly convert them into avi,mp4,3gp, mov or mp3 formats. So good for those out there who hate the FLV format. Hmm, me too hate flv.

I think you got whatever you were looking for…see ya..

  1. Zubin Mithra says:

    hmm…. interesting…
    the site i always use is
    but u get videos of flv format from the site….

    • WHoa..that one is a cool site as well..i really like that “keep it” button that the whole thing works as a part of the browzer without having to add it as a plugin… nice info dude..

  2. munish says:

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