Is the world becoming a bit too techy??

Posted: May 18, 2009 in personal

Yes its a fact that people are more dependant on machines nowadays than they depend on others in their species. Cant even think about a world without all those tech fundas…Internet, cell phones…and what not, I cant live without google as well. Well this dependency raises the need to know more about these technologies as well.Atleast some basic jargon. Now people of 60’s and 70’s making use of tech terms in talks is no big deal.

And it seems like people are not really interested in non tech things,atleas those on the net. The reason why I felt so was my blog itself. I started it as a technical blog a few weeks ago and couple of weeks later I changed my mind to make it a mixed bag. But sadly, from the day I did that,the traffic to my blog was reduced to half..or more than half. Well,if things keep going on like this,I may have to call off those changes. Anyway I am hoping for the good…


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