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Posted: May 20, 2009 in google, reviews
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I am using google chrome right now and I am really loving it. What surprises me most is the startup latency. Its like u click the shortcut,bang, here it is..And the incognito window feature is something I always wanted.The speed dial feature they use is too cool. And the good part is they intelligently places my favorite links on them and I dont have to manually set anything.It appears like google is taking care of me personally. I have heard complaints that it sometimes crashes but I have never had one yet. And well if u are using the Beta version then you should be expecting a few of them. So I suggest those who are crying on it,please let the google guys know more about the crash so that they can fix it.

And dear please dont ask whether chrome is the next IE..IE is way out of picture. Though I am a windows fan, I should say that IE suX big time. Too slow, damn heavy..I hate IE browsing. The major contender in my opinion is the Firefox 3 from Mozilla. There are practically unlimited number of plugins available for firefox (though most of them only crashes the browzer)..Well lets wait and see who finally wins..Anyway I am using chrome only..

There are a hundred other reasons to say Chrome is the best. Now my friend Gunjan Gogia has written a bit on her blog about the same.Since we share the same opinion I will just put a link to there from here.

And to finish it,Google rocks!!! And chrome too.

  1. Zubin Mithra says:

    too true… looks, features… chrome`s got it all !
    the only thing it seemed to lack is stability; probably because it was just a beta release (when i last used it)……
    its a great browser; s`pose the only thing we could do to make sure it stays in the market is be patient and help google by submitting bug reports wenever the app. crashes…! 🙂

  2. Mobius says:

    Ya”ll so lame…
    IE rocks..And like Google,Chrome also SUX>>>

    • Wel i dont need to write here who’s the real lamer here..too obvious man.. well can you swear you will stay out of google for the rest of your google gtalk..I bet u cant..and still u say google sux…you are hopeless man..

      • i am with u on that sabari.. we know what sucks n to NONES surprise it is IE!!!!!
        Precisely why there are arguments about IE being replaced by chrome in the windows package!
        u still say IE rocks??? prob then there is no NFS in ur life…

      • Let the stable release come out and these ppl will be nothing but extinct…lol

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