IPL comes to an exciting end…

Posted: May 24, 2009 in personal
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This post might look so odd in this blog. Yes I know that, but since its my blog its my wish that rules. Despite my team ending up in the last place I must admit that it was a real thriller, especially the finale. Wow, its the deccan chargers finally. Cant really believe they made it to the top from the bottom of the tables(last time they were the last…).And more interestingly both the finalists were the in the last two positions of the table last year. This has made the most unpredictable game more unpredictable.

Right now I am watching the presentation and closing ceremony..oh my god thats Akon performing. Wow,he’s one of the most happening men out there..IPL has been spending money like nothing. It will hard to estimate how many millions were spent on this. They mixed up cricket and entertainment in a perfect way and it made a big HIT..All the big names from both the spheres were in the show..SRK, Preity, Shilpa Shetty and more..

And for those who bought the teams, it was a bussiness of huge fortune. It was promised that the investors wil be in profit from the third year onwards but amazingly they went on profit right from the second year..Did somebody say anything about recession…he he..This is Cricket in India..It sells..

  1. alwaysindian says:

    Deccan was charged!! they won!!1 they deserve it!! congratulations to the team!! it sad tht the tournament got over.. will miss those days of IPL!! awaiting for the next season… cheers!

    • yeah they did extremely well..especially Gilchrist. He turned out to be an excellent captain..He took the chargers right from the bottom to top…All I am sad is about my team KKR ending up in the last place..Although they came back in the end it was too late for it..may be its them who will go to the top of the table next year..right from the bottom..he he..

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