‘IT’ is the future..but not for the good brains

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Corporate, personal
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“Dont expect to be part of an IT department. As a 21st century technology professional, your future — and most likely your desk — will be deeply rooted in the business, and your title will likely be scrubbed of any hint of computers, databases, software development languages or data networks.”

I read this from a blog I accidently stepped on..But that looked very serious. There was a link to this particular article:

IT career paths you never dreamed of…

If you are an IT professional or an IT aspirant like me,then probably you should read this. And the most catchy of all was this quote:

“If you’re a heads- down programmer, you’re at a terrible disadvantage.”

-Patti Dodgen, vice president,

Mosaica Partners

The question is, “what are we?”

  1. Shyam says:

    Who said IT is even a career. Its the refugee of all those scum bags who are either not good to do anything good or those who are too lazy to do it…Man if you are an engineer or something, you should know this is no engineering at all..this is just a lame job..may be a bit better than call centers.

    • Well I am not in agreement with the statement that this is no career at all…But I accept that this is the worst place a Computer Science Engineer should be.

  2. NOIT says:

    Yes..things which these IT guys do and boast off can be done by any 6th grader…they think its something too big to have learned a few jargons…this is not the real deal.. there are a lot more in this world…grow up kids.

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