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I cant tell u the exact feeling I had when I stepped back into my room after a couple of week long wait. I was staying temporarily in hostel for certain work. It was a great feeling of relief, and its too comfortable..Here u can just scream to ur mom for  a tea or a coffee and voila here it is.. When I am out I miss a lot of things. My workstation, hi speed net connection, tv right on front of ur bed and all those homely things…and last but the most important one, my mom…and the food she makes..


Unlike C and java where u can declare an m x n array simply by writing arr[m][n], its a bit difficult in actionscrpit3.
It was like u have to make an array of arrays:

new Array(new Array(),new Array(),…)

But a little bit effort can find a way out of this mess. You may make use of the following snippet:

function arrayTest(){

var m:int = 2;
var n:int = 2;
var mainArr:Array = new Array(m);
var i:int;
var j:int;
for (i = 0; i < m; i++) {

mainArr[i] = new Array(n);
for (j = 0; j < n; j++) {

mainArr[i][j] = “[” + i + “][” + j + “]”;




It is a bit of a mess but it will work for sure..

A fine sunny sunday morning ,what could be more frustrating than to be at the office..that too all alone.I am supposed to go to Chennai next week for ISRO interview and I asked my project manager for a 3 day leave.When I was asking for a leave I meant a loss of pay kinda leave. But what I got was a compensatory leave ,that means I have to work 3 sundays to make it up. That saves me 3 days salary but its too frustrating to be here alone.

But please dont have the impression that my project manager is a jerk like most others in the industry. He is an excellent guy,one of the best in his kind. Not annoying, never pester us asking for status, but on the same time keeps a check on the progress. Another good thing is that he knows the technical side too. So he perfectly understands the trouble in making things work and help a lot in that respect also.He knows what all components we have in shelf and when and where to reuse them. The rest of the crew is too jovial. We always have a nice time at the office. Once the PM is out it simply becomes something comparable to my old classroom. If the PM wasnt there then I am sure nothing called “work” would happen there.

I am frustrated about this sunday job,on the other hand Arjun was asking for a sunday a month. So he can take a compensatory leave on the next saturday and go home for two days twice a month atleast. But that request is still under consideration. May be they are a bit doubtful if we will work properly without anyone to control and monitor us.

Now the ISRO thing is pestering me a lot. The whole of my family want me to go there.Well I am yet to go for the interview and they have already decided my career. Oh my god,this is getting into my head. Some of my relatives have already started making offerings to temples and all. Some are already investigating on the possibilities of getting posted at Trivandrum. I got my admission to a University in France (Sofia Antipolis) but I dinn tell anyone except my mother because they wont even care to listen. All they want to say is ISRO. My mom also favours ISRO over France,but thats becos she can’t even think about not seeing me for a full two year span. Despite of saying all this, neither I can stay 2 years without seeing her. I love her to an extent most of you cant possibly fathom. Will see what happens.

I got a mail from CTS saying they will be sending the offer letter on early 2010. If I am not getting ISRO and cant make it to France (money matters a lot..and my mom too..), then my other options are Infosys and CTS. I already received a call letter from Infy saying I have to join on 9th of November 2009. The last thing I want to do is join Infy. But considering the economic scenario of the world, I shud accept that it will be really unwise not to join and wait for CTS. Chances are there that they might never call. Many of us cogs have already made up their mind to go to infy.

I have never felt IT as a good career for an engineer.I have been learning Computer Science.I didnt do it make somebody’s payroll for the rest of my life. I have made enterprise applications before.I have used many of those those technologies they claim to be the state of the art ones. But in the end what is happening more than “taking data out of the database,presenting it neatly and then putting it back”.There is no need for brain,all u need to have is patience,learn n number of technologies and put them together.

I am not telling that this job needs no brains at all,on the other hand I am asking does this job really demand a four year engineering graduation.We can train a +2 student for 6 months and he can do it neatly. And where is our chance of innovation.Your PL says and you do it. Thats all. Like one my friends in Infy(he is an intern there now) said “we are slaves wearing formals”.And another thing,you can kiss goodbye to a good and peaceful family life,esp if ur spouse is also from the same kind of industry.

So even if I join infy, my plans are still the same. I have all those referance letters and the same spirit left. I will keep on trying for something like ISRO or a higher studies option.

[PS: This is an excerpt from my personal diary.Therefore what u read is completely my personal opinion. If you feel hurt or feel that the information is not true, please, I apologize]

I am a die hard fan of Real Time Strategic games(RTS). When I say RTS I mean the good old model where we used to collect the resources build cities and then make massive strike forces to obliterate the enemy forces. Doesnt matter its set in the ancient world or the space age, they were good to play. I am a hardcore fan of the Command and Conquer series.

But now that whole genre is becoming extinct. I am not telling RTS are going away, but they are giving way to a newer genre where we focus on a smaller number of units , say a 5-7 groups, and then focus on their micro-management. No more resource collection and building. You have command points which u get as u play and use them to call in for re-inforcements. Yeah they are good too, but I miss the good old ones. They were just too good. What I feel about the change is like being demoted to a captain from the rank of a general. Its more of a fusion of a TPS action and RTS.

The new genre of games include majors like World In Conflict and Tom Clancy’s Endwar. Well these games are so advanced and posess amazing graphics. This one Endwar can be fully controlled by Voice commands. I have played that also.

It doesn’t mean that the old kind are not coming at all. There were recent releases like the CnC Red Alert 3 and Warhammer series. Heard they are gonna release more expansions for both soon.Good news. But in the old days I was able to get a new one by the time I finish one. Now I have to wait months checking gamespot for new ones. I am growing sick of these micro-management stuff. I want my army back and not a few units. I need lots of Napalm and not a few rounds of .45 cal. You dont give me air support , I have my own long range RT and air-wing.

After a short break of fever and some travels finally I am back. But the problem is I am not getting an idea to write about.Hmmm..I am thinking…

Not my mistake, I was hit with heavy fever. Was in the bed,alone. Took a days leave from the office, dinn feel like asking for an extension, and as a result of working another day in the cold room, I was duly brought back to the same old bed. My tonsils now weigh a stone and is twice the size its supposed to be. That means, no food..other than some semifluid crapy stuff. I wonder why on earth did god invent such dirty diseases..May be to pay an installment of the tortures u are supposed to receive in your after life.

But food is not a big problem, since I have 7 tablets and a capsule a time, which is more than enough to satisfy an average apetite. And you can have lots of water and air(despite I am having suffocation, air is still free and abundant). Well the doctor seems to be confused in determining what kind of fever I am having and it looks like she prescribed a medicine for every available variant of fever. Not just tabs I got a couple of injections also(raising the total count to 4). One on my hand(IV) and one on my butts(technically speaking, sub-cutaneous).

So with all that and another days leave the fever has finally come down to a post in my blog. The tonsils went back to its puny little state opening way for food..FOOD…to go into my pipe(was it eosophagus..easophagus..esophagus…aahh..cant they just make it ‘esofagus’..complicating life unnecessarily when hundreds of engineers and scientists are working 24×7  to make it simpler…show some humanity man). Now I am gonna resume work tomorrow only to drop out in the same evening for my much yearned weekend. I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be a ‘weak’end.

Hmm, the doc says I need rest. So for a change lemme go and try to find some sleep. God, its 11:40 pm. Considering my regular time-table its just evening man. May be I should consider this as a bit belated afternoon sleep…lol…Oh,so its still not 12…that means its still today and not tomorrow..oh obviously..ok then, this is the thrid day,ok..bye

I dont know if I can give an honest opinion about that. I was supporter of science from the time I can remember. I grew up reading Science USSR and Sputnik (my dad used to read all those stuff and that was the only option available for me when I felt like reading something in English). I believed its science that made life easier, the world smaller and a better place to live. I am not telling you that I have changed any of those opinions. I was just being a part of that ever running debate.

Ofcourse science should continue with its work, but the big question is to what extend? For example we can take the LHC experiment going on in CERN. An experiment whose results are not still known. What can possibly go wrong is still something they are trying to figure out. I am not an expert in particle physics, but I have read a lot of articles telling the possibility of the creation of something called “anti-matter” or the God’s particle as called by some. The anti-matter can collide with particles and cancel with each other resulting in energy bursts to an extent we cannot possibly fathom. Sometimes to magnitude enough to obliterate this whole planet.(Hey they have been telling about this thing in the recent movie “Angels and Demons“, but its of a greater magnitude than what is portrayed in that film).

Atleast half the world has been asking why do you really need to do something that has the potential to kill us all. But if you ask me, if I was in CERN and I was to take the decision to go forward or not, its for sure I am gonna flag a green. I believe to every inch in my body , that its worthless to live ignorant. I think its worth taking the risk but still I respect the right of other people to live. And for the same reason I believe that such an experiment should be conducted after making sufficient safety measures and in a higly controlled and totally contained environment. What if this god’s particle is the future of man kind. Wouldn’t that be so unwise to let it go unattended.

This LHC is not the only experiment of its kind.There are a lot more in this world which has been receiving a lot of criticizm as “the end of days”. You can read more about it here. I know many of you wouldnt agree to me and you have very strong and solid reasons to back up your theory, but still this is what I believe in. But on the same time I am a believer. I believe in god but the defenition of God would be  a bit different.