NetBeans – Move the Needle!!!

Posted: June 5, 2009 in NetBeans, Softwares
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As they say,”help NetBeans to help you”. The ‘move the needle campaign’ aims at regular NetBeans users and other open-source enthusiasts to promote NetBeans. Promotions can be done through various means like
putting a logo on their website or blog telling we love NetBeans or if the site was built using NetBeans of course we can quote that.

Download NetBeans!

A lot of logos banners and wallpapers are made available on the site for us to pic from.The wallpapers are really cool. And there are some CSS templates available in case you want to give ur website a Bean look. Not just that there are these logos available as track back codes. So that the netbeans people know whenever someone gets to their site by clicking a link in ur blog. They also put a list of such sites and blogs who promote them. You can register to that scheme by sending a mail to the NetBeans evangelist team. All the details are available at this link.

I have been writing this blog to promote them as well. Afterall i have taken a lot of help from them. Now is my chance to pay back…yours too..


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