Science…Is it a monster??

Posted: June 7, 2009 in Environment
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I dont know if I can give an honest opinion about that. I was supporter of science from the time I can remember. I grew up reading Science USSR and Sputnik (my dad used to read all those stuff and that was the only option available for me when I felt like reading something in English). I believed its science that made life easier, the world smaller and a better place to live. I am not telling you that I have changed any of those opinions. I was just being a part of that ever running debate.

Ofcourse science should continue with its work, but the big question is to what extend? For example we can take the LHC experiment going on in CERN. An experiment whose results are not still known. What can possibly go wrong is still something they are trying to figure out. I am not an expert in particle physics, but I have read a lot of articles telling the possibility of the creation of something called “anti-matter” or the God’s particle as called by some. The anti-matter can collide with particles and cancel with each other resulting in energy bursts to an extent we cannot possibly fathom. Sometimes to magnitude enough to obliterate this whole planet.(Hey they have been telling about this thing in the recent movie “Angels and Demons“, but its of a greater magnitude than what is portrayed in that film).

Atleast half the world has been asking why do you really need to do something that has the potential to kill us all. But if you ask me, if I was in CERN and I was to take the decision to go forward or not, its for sure I am gonna flag a green. I believe to every inch in my body , that its worthless to live ignorant. I think its worth taking the risk but still I respect the right of other people to live. And for the same reason I believe that such an experiment should be conducted after making sufficient safety measures and in a higly controlled and totally contained environment. What if this god’s particle is the future of man kind. Wouldn’t that be so unwise to let it go unattended.

This LHC is not the only experiment of its kind.There are a lot more in this world which has been receiving a lot of criticizm as “the end of days”. You can read more about it here. I know many of you wouldnt agree to me and you have very strong and solid reasons to back up your theory, but still this is what I believe in. But on the same time I am a believer. I believe in god but the defenition of God would be  a bit different.


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