Been out of blogging for the past three days!!!

Posted: June 11, 2009 in personal
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Not my mistake, I was hit with heavy fever. Was in the bed,alone. Took a days leave from the office, dinn feel like asking for an extension, and as a result of working another day in the cold room, I was duly brought back to the same old bed. My tonsils now weigh a stone and is twice the size its supposed to be. That means, no food..other than some semifluid crapy stuff. I wonder why on earth did god invent such dirty diseases..May be to pay an installment of the tortures u are supposed to receive in your after life.

But food is not a big problem, since I have 7 tablets and a capsule a time, which is more than enough to satisfy an average apetite. And you can have lots of water and air(despite I am having suffocation, air is still free and abundant). Well the doctor seems to be confused in determining what kind of fever I am having and it looks like she prescribed a medicine for every available variant of fever. Not just tabs I got a couple of injections also(raising the total count to 4). One on my hand(IV) and one on my butts(technically speaking, sub-cutaneous).

So with all that and another days leave the fever has finally come down to a post in my blog. The tonsils went back to its puny little state opening way for food..FOOD…to go into my pipe(was it eosophagus..easophagus..esophagus…aahh..cant they just make it ‘esofagus’..complicating life unnecessarily when hundreds of engineers and scientists are working 24×7  to make it simpler…show some humanity man). Now I am gonna resume work tomorrow only to drop out in the same evening for my much yearned weekend. I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be a ‘weak’end.

Hmm, the doc says I need rest. So for a change lemme go and try to find some sleep. God, its 11:40 pm. Considering my regular time-table its just evening man. May be I should consider this as a bit belated afternoon sleep…lol…Oh,so its still not 12…that means its still today and not tomorrow..oh obviously..ok then, this is the thrid day,ok..bye

  1. get well soon sabari chetaaa! 🙂

  2. Arch says:

    panni kutti….get well soon!!!!

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