Real Time Strategy Games are changing face…

Posted: June 14, 2009 in games, personal
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I am a die hard fan of Real Time Strategic games(RTS). When I say RTS I mean the good old model where we used to collect the resources build cities and then make massive strike forces to obliterate the enemy forces. Doesnt matter its set in the ancient world or the space age, they were good to play. I am a hardcore fan of the Command and Conquer series.

But now that whole genre is becoming extinct. I am not telling RTS are going away, but they are giving way to a newer genre where we focus on a smaller number of units , say a 5-7 groups, and then focus on their micro-management. No more resource collection and building. You have command points which u get as u play and use them to call in for re-inforcements. Yeah they are good too, but I miss the good old ones. They were just too good. What I feel about the change is like being demoted to a captain from the rank of a general. Its more of a fusion of a TPS action and RTS.

The new genre of games include majors like World In Conflict and Tom Clancy’s Endwar. Well these games are so advanced and posess amazing graphics. This one Endwar can be fully controlled by Voice commands. I have played that also.

It doesn’t mean that the old kind are not coming at all. There were recent releases like the CnC Red Alert 3 and Warhammer series. Heard they are gonna release more expansions for both soon.Good news. But in the old days I was able to get a new one by the time I finish one. Now I have to wait months checking gamespot for new ones. I am growing sick of these micro-management stuff. I want my army back and not a few units. I need lots of Napalm and not a few rounds of .45 cal. You dont give me air support , I have my own long range RT and air-wing.


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