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It was a week back I got the invitation to join from one of my friends and he told me that they offer as much as 15 GB storage space and an extra 5 GB for every successful refferal you make. Although I joined I was expecting nothing more than an online storage space from it. But when I started using it, I found it much more than just some storage space. is more of a virtual computer. It offers almost everything a normal computer can offer. It has a music player, a video player, document editor, spreadsheet editor and presentation makers. It support almost all file types including docx and xlsx. In addition to these features there is a number of online web applications that can be used from the virtual machine. Applications range from games to torrent downloaders.

I am not feeling well, I will finish this post later.


Goodday readers, welcome to the Internet weather forecast…

Seems like Microsoft has gone panicky with the recent announcements from Google and the hype its causing. They are trying everyway to counter it and get over their nightmares. Chrome when it came as a browser itself, caused so much of trouble for the Microsoft people. But that was pretty ok. IE was never a trump card for MS in the market. Although I am a regular windows user, I never ever use IE. Its such a horrible terrible thing in every possible way.

When Google came in with chrome that was goddamn light(pops up the second u click it..) and with innovative features like the “Incognito window” (something that was very essential for my kinda ppl) they too fought back with IE8 where they called incognito as “in-private”..And guess what they came up with as a promo..well they came up with this..

That was such a pathetic ad that i cudnt even believe that was a product of MS. Infact this OMGIGP will catch u if u just use IE.

It was at this point Google came up with the idea of extending Chrome to an internet based OS. The first response from MS  to it was the usual one, mock at it. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was trying to belittle Chrome as just an “interesting” thing.”Who knows what this thing is? To me, the Chrome OS thing is highly interesting,” said Ballmer, choosing his words carefully and drawing more amusement from the largely pro-Microsoft crowd.”It won’t happen for a year and a half and they already announced an operating system,” he added, referring to Google’s Android system for smartphones. [Taken from a Reuters report].

Good one Mr.Ballmer, perhaps you should watch this video before making another comment.

Mr. Ballmer do you remember one of the comments thats pictured in that video that was actually made by you. May be in a couple of years that statement can be replaced with the one you just made.Ok now if you dont see Google as a competitor at all, then why did u just hit the panic button. You guys were running around announcing Microsoft Gazelle , a browser with a kernel funda, that is built for clouds. Well thats the same thing but even better what Google aims by Chrome OS. And what was that all of a sudden announcement for an online version of MS word for?And Office 2010 too…Because you know it well that Windows is the trump card. The rest of the story is dependant on the future of Windows. If MS lose the OS bussiness, then they are finished. So its absolutely necessary to fight off this threat. Doesnt matter if it takes to use a ‘Puking’ ad.

Yeah its really a hard time when you change your cell number. Especially if you have been using for a pretty long time. I think two and a half years is a good span to get a lot of contacts and have ur number given to scores of people. Now I have changed my number. Let me say it first no more 9995207621 its 9567400056.

The biggest trouble in this course is to let all your contacts know that u have changed the number. Now that u have a lot of free sms, we can easily send them an sms. But since nowadays many ppl are using 2-3 sims and everyday u get a message saying, “hi, I am %#$ and this is my new number. Although I am using this one,I will be using my old number also. So please dont delete it.” Now ppl have grown tired of it..They no more care to update the number. Especially those like me who still use an old fashioned cell phone where the memory is limited. Dude, cant afford to keep n numbers of yours. There are others in this world as well.

Another trouble was to transfer all the contacts to the new sim. Another trouble of having an old phone. This time my dear friend Arjun saves the day. He’s got this N 73 and in a few clicks all his contacts were backed up and my contacts were transfered to the new sim using his cell as a one minute stay. You know what did that teach him. “Never help a friend”. The Nokia PC suite screwed up and most of his contacts were lost from the backup. Now while I was writing this blog only he told me that. I am terribly sorry for what happened,but what can I do now. If there  was some way, some goddamn way, I’d have done that to save the day. But unfortunately there is none. All I can do now is add that story to this blog as well. And I hope he dont stop helping friends for this, as I am riding on his bike only to the office.

Now if somebody’s asking me “Why on earth did u choose to change the number”, I had to. Reason number 1 is that my old connection was showing some sort of troubles in carrying messages to me. Now when I call the customer care, they tell me it all the other operators in Indi a who holds the fault. Customer care rocks. Now since other airtel users are fine, I thought changing the number wud be a good option. Another reason was that, its a corporate connection offered from where I am currently workign in. The offer was too good to resist. At a rental of INR 249 I get 1200 mins A2A and 600 mins A2M free with a free 300 sms per month. And the call rates if i exceed these limits wud be 30 ps for A2A,40 ps for A2M and 80 ps for Landline calls. Now if my math went well, I’d have a minimum savings of 490 INR per month when I switch to the new connection. That was something I cudnt conviniently ignore. If the Airtel guys dont have some kind of hidden charges in the plan, then I will be more than happy with this one. Most of my calls go to airtel numbers only. So atleast here,Airtel RoX in a good sense. So finally changed it.

Again i should be honest to tell that I had an emotional attachment with that number. There are a lot of things behind that. And there was a friend of mine who was more sad than I am when I changed the sim. Well, not one, two actually. I am sorry.

PS: Arjun lost a lot of contacts. Lot of important numbers. All the Infosys ppl’s numbers..And there is no other backup as well.

A few weeks back I have written a couple of articles on my strong secular feelings but that wasnt political at all. But that doesnt mean that I have no political opinions at all. I am a strong anti-communist. I strongly believe communism is such an obselete idea which tries to solve the problems of the modern world based on the rules some guy wrote in the 18th century. When those rules fail to apply properly on the modern day world they simply make some noisy stunts to pretend they havent lost their importance. Locking out industries that are running well and discouraging the investors moving to our land are a few of these stunts. They are all bourgeois establishments  for them. And if anybody says a word against these stunts, they are bourgeois and petty bourgeois again.

The most hated word in their dictionary is “foreign”. The foreign countries are all wicked for them..err not all..there is Cuba, North Korea and may be China. Russians are no more in the list,Gorbachev ruined it all. Now they want us to wait untill N. Korea or Cuba is good enough to make investements in our land and till then no development is allowed at all. Well how can China be in the list. They are communists only in a political sense. When it comes to economy, there is no more communism. Well whatever they call it, it looks like capitalism for me. Oops…capitalism…thats the most forbidden word in this world. You ever say that again then you are a bourgeois.

Looking back in the history can anybody point out an example for a communist nation that has progressed to a developed nation. There is none. Take the example of Korea. The same land was split into North and South halves by the 38th parallel. Just compare the economic status of the communist north and the capitalist south. Look at China. When on did China start to progress, from the moment they threw away communism from their economy. I should accept that as a political system communism helped China as they always had a stable government. That will be good as long as the people are ignorant about the term we call “democracy”.  So my dear communist friend, tell me whats your opinion about democracy is,enlighten us. I know you cant say an answer. You need to take permission from your party to answer a simple question or express your personal feelings. You are not allowed to think, they think for you. You are their workhorse.

Mr.Communist: Well Mr. Bourgeois ,there is no democracy.There is only the party. There is no court,there is only the polit bureau.And there is no god,there is only Marx and Lenin.

I couldnt believe the Math.round() function in AS3 is so crippled. All it returns is the nearest integer value and ofcourse there is no way you can specify what is the precision of rounding. To make it worse it always rounds 1.5 to 1. Hmmm..

But the solution to this problem is pretty simple.  For example if u want a 2 decimal place rounding all we have to do is multply with 100,then round it and then divide it by 100. Confusing..well here is the code:

public static function roundDecimal(num:Number, precision:int):Number{

var decimal:Number = Math.pow(10, precision);

return Math.round(decimal* num) / decimal;


Well that was pretty simple right. Now go coding..all the best.

To get the “assign issue” option in JIRA you need to add yourself to the developer list.The steps for this are:

1.Goto and register there

2.Now download the Contributor license agreement from

Individual contributors download ICLA.

3.Fill the form sign it and mail back(attach the scanned copy). The mailing format is:

Please add my id :   << ur JIRA id>>to Derby developers list.
I am attaching my ICLA.

Thanks & Regards

Now when ur request is approved u will get the assign issue to me option on the left pane of any bug or issue.

4.Assign it to urself and start working on it

5.Dont hesitate to post ur comments so that others can help u as well