Back with a new look

Posted: July 7, 2009 in personal
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I was totally out of blogging for a pretty long time. To be honest i was a bit busy with many things. And now I am back. Still a bit busy with some deadlines ahead,but I hope I can manage to fire a few posts here. By the way, I am not just back. I am back with a new look. I mean a new theme for the blog. Atleast those who are very close to me would be frowning to see a non-black theme in my blog. I am well known here for my obsession with black.

Yeah I like black very much and I accept it that I am somewhat obsessed with it, and even now nothing has changed. So why a non-black theme…simple, I just got bored with the theme I was using and there arent many good black themes available in wordpress. So thought of making a blue shift. Now this theme gives me more room on the screen to put all those widgets. Now since the blog is growing pretty well, I think its necessary to get some more space on the screen..

By the way the blog is doing good these days. Though I was out of it for sometime it was up and running all the time. Now the total number of  hits have moved to a good 38000+ figure and I hope to hit a 50K in a month or a couple. Ok I think I am feeling a bit sleepy now..So bye for now..

And once again, I am back to blogging..It feels like getting back to home after a long time.

  1. guru_G says:

    good that u changed d layout of ur blog..Now I can accuse U of Plagarism Check out d layout:…

  2. ha ha..205,861 bloggers and hardly 50 themes..well,there is this “pigeon hole principle” u still want to accuse the way I think this is a decent theme,isnt it? although it looks a bit faded…

  3. guru_G says:

    Ya..It gives a decent infact a more professional look. Your earlier theme was a mess n u made it worse with all those pics..

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