Google throwing away the Beta tag today!!!

Posted: July 8, 2009 in google
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Finally a five year wait comes to an end. Google is tearing off its beta tag today. I dont know what took them five years to do that considering the fact that the so called ‘beta’ google apps were working fine all these time without crashing,and infact were more reliable than most other ‘final releases’. If you are a critic then the fact that more than 1,750,000 companies around the globe use Google apps to run their bussiness, and that includes Google as well. And they had more than what others had to offer and came with a 24×7 support.

Happy days ahead for those who thought that beta tag to be a real annoying thing to see and for those who thought that tag was a disgrace for the reputation of google. Those who felt insecure to live under a beta tag are also now happy. But what about those who were in love with that tag,it was a part of their daily life. Google has a solution for them too. They are providing an option from the Google Labs to re-enable the beta tag if u think u cant live without it. See how caring google is. I wasn’t joking,its this spirit that made Google the giant as we see now. They really earned it.

They are lifting the beta tag from the customer and enterprise versions of Gmail, Gtalk, Google calendar and google docs. Yes there are a lot of apps still in the google arsenal who still wear the tag, but time is lying unlimited before us. Just give it some more time dear. And if they ask me which product I want to get fixed next I will go with Picasa. Not that Picasa is crashing in my machine, but just to see a Google marvel without a naive tag.  Google Rocks!!!

And finally today…


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