Decided to wait another month to buy a TV

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
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A couple of days back I was talking about buying a new LCD TV since my TV blew up. And at the same time the union budet announced that there will be price reductions for LCD TVs. But it seems like it will take some more time for that change to actually hit the market. And more impotantly its Onam on its way, so that will give some more advantage for the buyer.

But there is no way I can keep watching that old darkbox and of course I cannot stay without watching TV at all. So I thought of buying an external TV tuner card for my PC (or laptop wherever i feel like plugging it). I already have a decent 20″ LCD monitor,so it would be enough to watch TV for now. In fact I bought an external TV tuner card yesterday. It is nothing great. Its a Zebronics make and costs some 1.5K, USB powered and supports S-Video. Got a decent remote control as well. The picture quality is  a bit grainy but I heard that it can get better if we use a better software. One of my friends advised me to use Chris TV.

I was having a hard time configuring it and tuning in all the channels. It was not as simple as they say. Kinda crappy interface also. What else can we expect for 1.5 grands. But I think this one will serve good as a secondary television. Now when the new TV is brought home I will have to ask the cable guys to gimme a split connection at home. Heard some cable guys do consider a split connection as two different connection,but I hope my agency is not that hard on such things.But guys if u are considering an external TV tuner card as a primary TV at home,be advised, thats a very bad idea.

  1. Van Duren says:

    Hey this Zebronics shit sucks dude..ya’d have gone for a Pinnacle atleast..bad buy

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