I hate communism!!

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Politics
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A few weeks back I have written a couple of articles on my strong secular feelings but that wasnt political at all. But that doesnt mean that I have no political opinions at all. I am a strong anti-communist. I strongly believe communism is such an obselete idea which tries to solve the problems of the modern world based on the rules some guy wrote in the 18th century. When those rules fail to apply properly on the modern day world they simply make some noisy stunts to pretend they havent lost their importance. Locking out industries that are running well and discouraging the investors moving to our land are a few of these stunts. They are all bourgeois establishments  for them. And if anybody says a word against these stunts, they are bourgeois and petty bourgeois again.

The most hated word in their dictionary is “foreign”. The foreign countries are all wicked for them..err not all..there is Cuba, North Korea and may be China. Russians are no more in the list,Gorbachev ruined it all. Now they want us to wait untill N. Korea or Cuba is good enough to make investements in our land and till then no development is allowed at all. Well how can China be in the list. They are communists only in a political sense. When it comes to economy, there is no more communism. Well whatever they call it, it looks like capitalism for me. Oops…capitalism…thats the most forbidden word in this world. You ever say that again then you are a bourgeois.

Looking back in the history can anybody point out an example for a communist nation that has progressed to a developed nation. There is none. Take the example of Korea. The same land was split into North and South halves by the 38th parallel. Just compare the economic status of the communist north and the capitalist south. Look at China. When on did China start to progress, from the moment they threw away communism from their economy. I should accept that as a political system communism helped China as they always had a stable government. That will be good as long as the people are ignorant about the term we call “democracy”.  So my dear communist friend, tell me whats your opinion about democracy is,enlighten us. I know you cant say an answer. You need to take permission from your party to answer a simple question or express your personal feelings. You are not allowed to think, they think for you. You are their workhorse.

Mr.Communist: Well Mr. Bourgeois ,there is no democracy.There is only the party. There is no court,there is only the polit bureau.And there is no god,there is only Marx and Lenin.

  1. kyle says:

    lisent hear u ignorant son of a b***h, im a communist and all ur statments are BULL!
    1. theres no democracy = GOOD! American politics is a compition to see who appeals to the most amount of short atention spans at least with marxism the peole at the top can find there own ass.
    2. democracy promotes trade that exploits workers GLOBALY. mainely in South America and Africa, where us communist see sufering they see profit.
    and i dont mean the the faceless kinda “them” i mean bisniss men like Ira Renet. if u think thats bunk in south carolina there are race hoarses who live better than 1/2 of the people in rural african american communitys so you know what…..

    goto hell and burn because u know what?
    i believe in god, and as a matter of fact he’s probly the reson im a MARXIST.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi. I’m a Fascist. We can be friends.

      No, just kidding. We Fascists don’t hang out with hypocritical fucks like you. 🙂

      You believe in God? You lying bastard, haha. I believe there were pictures of your buddies shooting priests and statues of Jesus here and there.

      Should I remind you that your glorious and revered Party Chairman hates God and that you could be tried for being a counter-revolutionary? Lol.

      Exploitation. Hey guess what, you Communists LOVE draping what you mean in words that would make you look sympathetic. I think it makes you look pathetic. Exploitation has always been around, and the underlying cause of it – greed – is what makes us human.

      Communism is founded on greed and desire of the working class 🙂 therefore, Communism is a hypocritical ideology, and it failed. Hard. EPICLY, even.

      Your time is done. Get over it.

  2. kyle says:

    btw chile tried a DEMOCRATICLY ELECTED marxist government and the U.S.A. blu it the f**k up

  3. Unnikrishnan R says:

    Kyle you hypocrite bastard, you talk like one of the Stasi propaganda bullshitters. FYI communism is responsible for more people being killed by genocide than fascism and capitalism combined. Millions of people worked to death in the gulags in Siberia, millions starved and killed in the USSR and China through artificially created famines. And you still you think you are some fucking do gooders dont you? Remember the cultural revolution asshole? So shut the fuck up coz your idiot theory has failed everywhere in the world. And a god loving communist? wow you must have slept with those torturing bastards of the catholic inquisition coz you know what, you both are hypocrites and good-for-nothing-sobs who keep on yammering about your childish theories that simply does not work in the real world.
    Anyways nice post Sabari although I disagree with your earlier post in Hindutva. But of course when it comes to these commie bastards, it dont matter what your political leaning is.

  4. Andrew says:

    Finally someone with some sense, most people my age are communists and if I was to say I was anti-communist they’d call me a fascist I just happen to know that communism even in it’s purest form would not work, the most logical form of economic organisation is “The harder you work the more you get” that’s why I love Capitalism.

  5. John says:

    I have had a couple friends who were communists, ive stood for democracy since 8th grade. Ive convinced my one friend to give up his communist ideas.But now recently one of my closest friends is a communist now, im trying to convince him but its been hard,i dont think he knows about all the bad of communism and the evils it has done, i guess ill have to show him

  6. Darned Commie says:

    The deaths resulting from the authoritarian anti-democratic nations you listed are very unfortunate, however none of those countries are/were Communistic.

    Communism needs the very idea of country to be eliminated, in a world wide revolution of the proletariat.

    There’s nothing more democratic than true communism, but there’s nothing less democratic than fake communism like Maoism or Stalinism.

    The communists here in the west have always maintained this.

    ‘From each according to their ability – to each according to their need.’

    By the way my friend, Marx wrote the communist manifesto during the 19th century, and all the top economists agree that is still relevant to modern capitalist system in the way it describes it – Most of them disagree with it, but it is still extremely relevant.

    Kyle is not a communist. Communism is democratic. True democracy.

  7. majumder1973 says:

    Hello Fiend- How r u? Hope fine by the grace of GOD.

    Capitalism and Communisms is same old liquor for the society. Different is only label. Spoiled the total economic system all over the world.

    Capitalism – Suck the society- collapsed the individual purchasing capacity.
    Communisms -Lick the society- no capacity to purchase individually.

    You have written problems of the modern world. On this regard I want to tell you only “PROUT” can be solve the world present problem in all respect.
    Progressive Utilisation Theory – PROUT always stands for the cause of exploited people, irrespective of race, nation, religion etc., and always opposes all types of exploitation. But as poverty is the main problem in the world today, PROUT gives top priority to opposing economic exploitation, as this affects the livelihood and existence of the people.” — Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Founder of PROUT.
    Pls visit:- http://www.prout.org/

  8. Deniedera says:

    What communist want to bring is a better country for people a better world for humanity .
    is it really good to live in a country where money is everything like U.S.A(The Christian U.S.A) , is it reeally good to talk with someone that you know his talking to you for your money not for you .
    Communist economy had some failings ,but If all the world was communist this failing would’nt been happen at all .
    by the way all this religion have been made by some people for power , and now world’s powerful politician are growing it undercover for taking control of people , Remember that CIA Executed Che Gue Vara , right? .
    and always remember we didnt born christian or muslim or anything like that .
    Religion is the main reason for war and misery.


    I heard that HANOI JANE once told a group of collage students that if they realy understood communism they will hope they will PRAY ON THEIR KNEES that we,ll someday will become comminsist Yeah and communists were big time atheists and secularists who persicuted christians and all other religions

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