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I have always wondered how wierd are these Japanese names. I have even thought thesr Japs are crazy. Although I didnt get a reason to think the other way, I just found a cool Flash Toy that can convert your name to the corresponding Japanese name.

My Japanese name is Arikazukashiki ari medorinkashi.
And yours?

May be thats just a toy, as the name suggests, but still it was good to see those names coming up..Now I am gonna ask my mom to call me Arikazukashiki ari medorinkashi…so that the next time she wants someone to help her in the kitchen,she has a good reason not to call me..


Language of Hackers

Posted: April 24, 2009 in funny, hacking

Well are u a hacker or someone who plans to become a hacker,then make sure u know their language,or else you’ll end up out of the pack.Dont worry make sure you know atleast the basics to survive.Here are some tips:

Language helps re-enforce the barrier between computer hackers and non-hackers, as well as that between hackers and crackers. Computer hackers have developed their own language. Firstly there is vocabulary that non-hackers will not know (TCP, IP, winsock, Linux, root access, vi, etc) due to a lack of computer-related knowledge. Secondly, some computer hackers have modified English with a set of conventions. Hackers replace ‘f’ with ‘ph’ (likely coming from phreaks who were interested in ‘ph’ones), and ‘s’ with ‘z’. Also hackers use numbers in place of letters such as ‘1’ for ‘i’ or ‘l’ (though replacing ‘i’ is not the proper usage), ‘3’ for ‘E,’ ‘4’ for ‘a’, and ‘7’ for ‘t.’ Also it is important to use random caPitAlizaTioN, abbreviation, slang, emphasize words by putting ‘k-‘ before them (“k-rad”), and finish a statement with a series of characters for emphasis.

So how do you ask for it ” can someone help me with hacking my school’s computers?”….or is it “c4n sUm1 h31p m3 w1tH h4x0RiNg mY sk00lz c0mPz?!?!?!!?!?”…wow there u are…Now try to read this:

An extension to my previous post

Posted: April 22, 2009 in funny

This post is an extension to my yesterdays post on Sun being sold out.And I complained that they still owe me a few USB drives.Well they kept the promise.To my surprise I was delivered three of them in todays post.Now all what remains are some tshirts. I hope i will get that too in a few days… lol

Oh my god,has somebody got the nerve to think about another world war..then somebody tell me who all are

gonna be the superpowers…russia and US..the old boys…what about China..India too can be a player.huh?

Or is it google…he he..anyway lets try out this simulation and see who wins…

Oh we forgot Mr.Gates right.??