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Posted: May 2, 2009 in India, Lead India, non-tech

Well this is my first non-technical post,and in that case I thought about writing for my nation.You know,I am proud to be an Indian,literally.I always thought of finiding the best leaders in this nation,the unrevealed gems of my nation.But I feel sorry for myself that I didnt know about a massive hunt for the best leader in my country,that too an year ago.Bad.I am talking about the Lead India movement that was organized by Times of India,one of the leading news house in India,and was endorsed by almost all big names in the nation.

There were over 34000 applicants from which they shortlisted 10 best people and they were given a chance to lead India literally.And finally Mr.R K Mishra emerged as the winner and was sent to JFK school for political science.Now he is a part of BJP,one of the most prominent political parties in India.Its better to see by yourself what exactly Lead India is about:

Now they have announced the Lead India 2009 campaign.Calling all the future leaders.You can see all the details as well as register yourself at . Alright lets lead India.