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It has been sometime since I started noticing this, but now its getting more and more serious. I no more do a lot of things which I used to do previously. Somebody in family said I am not doing things around, I told them I am now busy with my work and can no more spend a lot of time on such things..

Well, that was a big lie. I dont take my work home. That means I have absolutely nothing to do after 5.30 pm. The story wasnt same when I used to be a student. I used to have a project or some kinda extra work to keep me occupied. But despite of all that I was a regular gamer, used to spend a lot of time on phone and too much time in front of TV. I used to go for a movie once in a while as well. But now, with all that free time I am doing none of these.

The job not only gave me a lot of free time but also a new mobile connection which is an almost free kinda thing. But still I am making half the phone calls I used to make. Everyday I start with decisions to call up one of my friends and end up the day with another name in the “to-call” list. I am becoming lazy even to type an sms…even to post a tweet. Then comes the gtalk thing. Previously I was too cautious not to miss even a single IM. But now sometimes I dont answer to an IM even if I am in front of the PC(not always ok..). And now recently I have even stopped updating my blog. That is not something usual. See this post came after such a long time, that this whole interface seems strange for me now.

The worst part is with gaming. People who knew me for sometime will also know how much I loved gaming. Even thats stopped now. I downloaded COD 5 long back but still dinn even install it..I clearly remember how I played COD 4. The same day i got the disc, I finished it in one stretch of of 6 hours gameplay. Hmmm..its been a while playing CS as well.

So what am I doing these days..I am not sure. Till a couple of days back Arjun used to be at home,and we saw a few films together. Now that he is gone, I dont know what will happen to the filmy evenings. Is it the TV blew up. Its in a blackout. So untill I buy a new one there is no TV. The computer? Yeah it is the computer..that I know, but what am I doing with it..nothing much. Random reading. Thats what happens most time. Eating wikipedia is another thing. Then learning totally weird things…things like Mil-dot ranging for long range shooting, counter interrogation tactics,…what am I going to do with the world?? I dont know. Then there is a lot of youtube viewing as well.

I think its high time I need to find a girlfriend, otherwise I might get married to wiki or youtube…is there a section 377 something that talks about a man-machine affair…


Yeah its really a hard time when you change your cell number. Especially if you have been using for a pretty long time. I think two and a half years is a good span to get a lot of contacts and have ur number given to scores of people. Now I have changed my number. Let me say it first no more 9995207621 its 9567400056.

The biggest trouble in this course is to let all your contacts know that u have changed the number. Now that u have a lot of free sms, we can easily send them an sms. But since nowadays many ppl are using 2-3 sims and everyday u get a message saying, “hi, I am %#$ and this is my new number. Although I am using this one,I will be using my old number also. So please dont delete it.” Now ppl have grown tired of it..They no more care to update the number. Especially those like me who still use an old fashioned cell phone where the memory is limited. Dude, cant afford to keep n numbers of yours. There are others in this world as well.

Another trouble was to transfer all the contacts to the new sim. Another trouble of having an old phone. This time my dear friend Arjun saves the day. He’s got this N 73 and in a few clicks all his contacts were backed up and my contacts were transfered to the new sim using his cell as a one minute stay. You know what did that teach him. “Never help a friend”. The Nokia PC suite screwed up and most of his contacts were lost from the backup. Now while I was writing this blog only he told me that. I am terribly sorry for what happened,but what can I do now. If there  was some way, some goddamn way, I’d have done that to save the day. But unfortunately there is none. All I can do now is add that story to this blog as well. And I hope he dont stop helping friends for this, as I am riding on his bike only to the office.

Now if somebody’s asking me “Why on earth did u choose to change the number”, I had to. Reason number 1 is that my old connection was showing some sort of troubles in carrying messages to me. Now when I call the customer care, they tell me it all the other operators in Indi a who holds the fault. Customer care rocks. Now since other airtel users are fine, I thought changing the number wud be a good option. Another reason was that, its a corporate connection offered from where I am currently workign in. The offer was too good to resist. At a rental of INR 249 I get 1200 mins A2A and 600 mins A2M free with a free 300 sms per month. And the call rates if i exceed these limits wud be 30 ps for A2A,40 ps for A2M and 80 ps for Landline calls. Now if my math went well, I’d have a minimum savings of 490 INR per month when I switch to the new connection. That was something I cudnt conviniently ignore. If the Airtel guys dont have some kind of hidden charges in the plan, then I will be more than happy with this one. Most of my calls go to airtel numbers only. So atleast here,Airtel RoX in a good sense. So finally changed it.

Again i should be honest to tell that I had an emotional attachment with that number. There are a lot of things behind that. And there was a friend of mine who was more sad than I am when I changed the sim. Well, not one, two actually. I am sorry.

PS: Arjun lost a lot of contacts. Lot of important numbers. All the Infosys ppl’s numbers..And there is no other backup as well.

Yesterday was the annual budget day in India and was the first after the general elections. The budget summoned mixed responeses, but altogether it was widely called the common man’s budget. But I call it a budget designed exclusively for me. I was planning to buy a cell phone and an LCD TV and whoa, the budget reduced the price of both of them. A bit childish to hear right,I am sorry, but I have to share my happiness with someone no?

Both the above mentioned appliances were very urgent at home. One fine morning the TV I was using just blew up. When I say blew up,dont get the impression that it exploded with a big bang. It simply went blank. So I better say my TV is now on a blackout. Still on putting the settings to highest values of brightness and contrast we still can see some picture.But the problem is everyone in the cast need to be caucassians. The blacks get too much of camouflague..oh I miss Will Smith..Good that the football is white, so Arjun can atleast see the ball moving on the field.

Now the cell phone, I am still using a Nokia 1100..still remember guys..hmm now we who use it have become a rare species ..To count there is me, Nandu, PS and Binu sir…he he. My mom really hates me still using it and keeps on asking me “Cant u buy a better one for god’s sake”…All these days I have been telling her no its fine with this one.Now I think I am starting to think differently.May be I shud go for a new one. But the one big problem with me is that when I think of buying something only the most expensive catches my heart. This time its the Nokia 5800 Music express. I think thats gonna burn a hole in my pocket with atleast a 20K. Hmmm. Yeah there is still deficit in the fund but its fine..the deficit is as small as 20K. But even with a 5800 I am not gonna throw the old 1100. I will need that whenever I am on a long trip. Noone beats 1100 when it comes to the battery life.

Anyway the priority number one is the TV. I am planning to buy a samsung LCD TV. Hey there is no way I can go for 32″…May be a 22″ or a 26″. There are 26″ models which are affordable but I need the connectivity specs and contrast ratio more than the size. I need a USB connectivity and atleast a 1:30000 dynamic contrast ratio. HDMI comes with every model nowadays. If its a 22″ I will be going for Samsung 22B480. Seems like a decent model. And I think I can adjust with a 22″..Afterall I was watching TV on a 21″ CRT till yesterday.

I was totally out of blogging for a pretty long time. To be honest i was a bit busy with many things. And now I am back. Still a bit busy with some deadlines ahead,but I hope I can manage to fire a few posts here. By the way, I am not just back. I am back with a new look. I mean a new theme for the blog. Atleast those who are very close to me would be frowning to see a non-black theme in my blog. I am well known here for my obsession with black.

Yeah I like black very much and I accept it that I am somewhat obsessed with it, and even now nothing has changed. So why a non-black theme…simple, I just got bored with the theme I was using and there arent many good black themes available in wordpress. So thought of making a blue shift. Now this theme gives me more room on the screen to put all those widgets. Now since the blog is growing pretty well, I think its necessary to get some more space on the screen..

By the way the blog is doing good these days. Though I was out of it for sometime it was up and running all the time. Now the total number of  hits have moved to a good 38000+ figure and I hope to hit a 50K in a month or a couple. Ok I think I am feeling a bit sleepy now..So bye for now..

And once again, I am back to blogging..It feels like getting back to home after a long time.

I cant tell u the exact feeling I had when I stepped back into my room after a couple of week long wait. I was staying temporarily in hostel for certain work. It was a great feeling of relief, and its too comfortable..Here u can just scream to ur mom for  a tea or a coffee and voila here it is.. When I am out I miss a lot of things. My workstation, hi speed net connection, tv right on front of ur bed and all those homely things…and last but the most important one, my mom…and the food she makes..

A fine sunny sunday morning ,what could be more frustrating than to be at the office..that too all alone.I am supposed to go to Chennai next week for ISRO interview and I asked my project manager for a 3 day leave.When I was asking for a leave I meant a loss of pay kinda leave. But what I got was a compensatory leave ,that means I have to work 3 sundays to make it up. That saves me 3 days salary but its too frustrating to be here alone.

But please dont have the impression that my project manager is a jerk like most others in the industry. He is an excellent guy,one of the best in his kind. Not annoying, never pester us asking for status, but on the same time keeps a check on the progress. Another good thing is that he knows the technical side too. So he perfectly understands the trouble in making things work and help a lot in that respect also.He knows what all components we have in shelf and when and where to reuse them. The rest of the crew is too jovial. We always have a nice time at the office. Once the PM is out it simply becomes something comparable to my old classroom. If the PM wasnt there then I am sure nothing called “work” would happen there.

I am frustrated about this sunday job,on the other hand Arjun was asking for a sunday a month. So he can take a compensatory leave on the next saturday and go home for two days twice a month atleast. But that request is still under consideration. May be they are a bit doubtful if we will work properly without anyone to control and monitor us.

Now the ISRO thing is pestering me a lot. The whole of my family want me to go there.Well I am yet to go for the interview and they have already decided my career. Oh my god,this is getting into my head. Some of my relatives have already started making offerings to temples and all. Some are already investigating on the possibilities of getting posted at Trivandrum. I got my admission to a University in France (Sofia Antipolis) but I dinn tell anyone except my mother because they wont even care to listen. All they want to say is ISRO. My mom also favours ISRO over France,but thats becos she can’t even think about not seeing me for a full two year span. Despite of saying all this, neither I can stay 2 years without seeing her. I love her to an extent most of you cant possibly fathom. Will see what happens.

I got a mail from CTS saying they will be sending the offer letter on early 2010. If I am not getting ISRO and cant make it to France (money matters a lot..and my mom too..), then my other options are Infosys and CTS. I already received a call letter from Infy saying I have to join on 9th of November 2009. The last thing I want to do is join Infy. But considering the economic scenario of the world, I shud accept that it will be really unwise not to join and wait for CTS. Chances are there that they might never call. Many of us cogs have already made up their mind to go to infy.

I have never felt IT as a good career for an engineer.I have been learning Computer Science.I didnt do it make somebody’s payroll for the rest of my life. I have made enterprise applications before.I have used many of those those technologies they claim to be the state of the art ones. But in the end what is happening more than “taking data out of the database,presenting it neatly and then putting it back”.There is no need for brain,all u need to have is patience,learn n number of technologies and put them together.

I am not telling that this job needs no brains at all,on the other hand I am asking does this job really demand a four year engineering graduation.We can train a +2 student for 6 months and he can do it neatly. And where is our chance of innovation.Your PL says and you do it. Thats all. Like one my friends in Infy(he is an intern there now) said “we are slaves wearing formals”.And another thing,you can kiss goodbye to a good and peaceful family life,esp if ur spouse is also from the same kind of industry.

So even if I join infy, my plans are still the same. I have all those referance letters and the same spirit left. I will keep on trying for something like ISRO or a higher studies option.

[PS: This is an excerpt from my personal diary.Therefore what u read is completely my personal opinion. If you feel hurt or feel that the information is not true, please, I apologize]

I am a die hard fan of Real Time Strategic games(RTS). When I say RTS I mean the good old model where we used to collect the resources build cities and then make massive strike forces to obliterate the enemy forces. Doesnt matter its set in the ancient world or the space age, they were good to play. I am a hardcore fan of the Command and Conquer series.

But now that whole genre is becoming extinct. I am not telling RTS are going away, but they are giving way to a newer genre where we focus on a smaller number of units , say a 5-7 groups, and then focus on their micro-management. No more resource collection and building. You have command points which u get as u play and use them to call in for re-inforcements. Yeah they are good too, but I miss the good old ones. They were just too good. What I feel about the change is like being demoted to a captain from the rank of a general. Its more of a fusion of a TPS action and RTS.

The new genre of games include majors like World In Conflict and Tom Clancy’s Endwar. Well these games are so advanced and posess amazing graphics. This one Endwar can be fully controlled by Voice commands. I have played that also.

It doesn’t mean that the old kind are not coming at all. There were recent releases like the CnC Red Alert 3 and Warhammer series. Heard they are gonna release more expansions for both soon.Good news. But in the old days I was able to get a new one by the time I finish one. Now I have to wait months checking gamespot for new ones. I am growing sick of these micro-management stuff. I want my army back and not a few units. I need lots of Napalm and not a few rounds of .45 cal. You dont give me air support , I have my own long range RT and air-wing.