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To get the “assign issue” option in JIRA you need to add yourself to the developer list.The steps for this are:

1.Goto and register there

2.Now download the Contributor license agreement from

Individual contributors download ICLA.

3.Fill the form sign it and mail back(attach the scanned copy). The mailing format is:

Please add my id :   << ur JIRA id>>to Derby developers list.
I am attaching my ICLA.

Thanks & Regards

Now when ur request is approved u will get the assign issue to me option on the left pane of any bug or issue.

4.Assign it to urself and start working on it

5.Dont hesitate to post ur comments so that others can help u as well


A couple of days back I was talking about buying a new LCD TV since my TV blew up. And at the same time the union budet announced that there will be price reductions for LCD TVs. But it seems like it will take some more time for that change to actually hit the market. And more impotantly its Onam on its way, so that will give some more advantage for the buyer.

But there is no way I can keep watching that old darkbox and of course I cannot stay without watching TV at all. So I thought of buying an external TV tuner card for my PC (or laptop wherever i feel like plugging it). I already have a decent 20″ LCD monitor,so it would be enough to watch TV for now. In fact I bought an external TV tuner card yesterday. It is nothing great. Its a Zebronics make and costs some 1.5K, USB powered and supports S-Video. Got a decent remote control as well. The picture quality is  a bit grainy but I heard that it can get better if we use a better software. One of my friends advised me to use Chris TV.

I was having a hard time configuring it and tuning in all the channels. It was not as simple as they say. Kinda crappy interface also. What else can we expect for 1.5 grands. But I think this one will serve good as a secondary television. Now when the new TV is brought home I will have to ask the cable guys to gimme a split connection at home. Heard some cable guys do consider a split connection as two different connection,but I hope my agency is not that hard on such things.But guys if u are considering an external TV tuner card as a primary TV at home,be advised, thats a very bad idea.

After a short break of fever and some travels finally I am back. But the problem is I am not getting an idea to write about.Hmmm..I am thinking…

Voila…here comes the latest installment in the Netbeans saga. I have always been a Netbeans fan. Although I have used more of IBM tools than Netbeans I should be honest enough to say that I enjoyed using Netbeans more than the other one. The primary reason was it was far too light than the Rational suite and far more user friendly. So I would be among those who are the happiest when they release another version..More they release the better it gets.

Defenitely you will be interested in knwoing what is really new with 6.7. Well there are a lot of features depending on which technology you are using. Netbeans is very much misunderstood as a Java IDE , which is a wrong idea. Its a lot more than just a Java IDE. It currently supports a lot of other technologies like Ruby, C++, PHP,etc…It was pretty recenty they released 6.5, it was good and stable. Well not very recently,last November actually.

So the big question is whats new with this one. I will just copy those features from there site..Please dont sue me under intellectual property rights, please I cant type them all:

Connected Developer

  • Create Kenai-hosted projects from within the NetBeans IDE
  • Locate and open sources for Kenai-hosted projects in the IDE
  • Full integration with Bugzilla


  • Improved code completion for Maven plugin parameters
  • Support for Web Services creation and consumption
  • POM Editor and Navigator enhancements
  • J2EE support


  • Code coverage and Selenium support
  • SQL code completion in the PHP editor
  • PHPUnit output improvements


  • Derby support registers Derby associated with v3 Prelude instance
  • Code completion support for v3 Prelude as sole registered Java EE server
  • Added Hierarchy to the Tree View in the Services Explorer

Groovy and Grails

  • Out-of-the-box support for Grails 1.1
  • Code completion
  • Disable browser opening on run and configure platforms to use with Grails projects
  • Invoke Grails command or custom script from context menu item

Ruby and Rails

  • Remote debugging support
  • Improvements to Ruby constants support
  • Run and debug actions for test cases and suites included in context menu
  • Support for Shoulda tests


  • Profiling support for C++ projects (with minimal overhead!)
  • Integrated support of popular Qt library and tools
  • More refactorings and code generation in the C/C++ editor
  • Macro expansion view to analyze preprocessor output


  • Enhanced Self Diagnosis with “Profile Me Now!
  • Export profiling data into CSV, HTML and XML file formats
  • HeapWalker supports OQL queries to analyze the contents of the heapdump


  • Debugger options to customize debugging process
  • Easy viewing and setup of sources before start of debugging session


  • Generated source roots now displayed in the Projects tab
  • Struts library migrated to version 1.3.8

Java ME / Mobility

  • Bundled with the Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0
  • Support for the Java Card Platform
  • Full support for SVG Rich Components in the Visual Mobile Designer
  • Improvements to the SVG Composer


  • Enhancements to Output Window, Update Center catalog and Search performance
  • Improved toolbar behavior and declarative MIME type resolvers
  • Ability to change extension of files

Huh..thats a pretty long list. Suggest them something u miss in this list and that might be a reason for the next release. By the way you can download your favourite version from here. Needless to say its absolutely free and sometimes when you download you might end up getting a bit more than a wonderful IDE. Because the last time I went there, I stumbeld upon the ‘Netbeans Refer a friend’ program and I ended up getting three really cute pen drives. Take a look at that:

This one glows in red when connected, makes it really a beauty in dark. So thats just another reason to get your hands on the latest Netbeans.


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Just joined Technorati. Been hearing a lot about it for quiet some time. Now let me see if its of some help.

Well everyone uses youtube and everytime we find a need to download a clip from there. Unfortunately google doesnt provide a download button for that, but still no need to be sad…there are a lot of ways to get it done. There are online methods, browzer plugins and applications doing the same. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Anyway I will be discussing a few options.

You are working always on ur home PC, then its better to use an application software since it provides a lot of features. The one I would recommend is the orbit downloader . Its a regular download manager that can even handle torrents. Use the grab ++ feature in it and it lists all the embedded videos whenever u open a page in ur browser. Now u can select which all do u want and then either download or schedule for download the same. It supports almost all the browsers available in the market.And it works for any webpage with embedded media and not just youtube.

Now comes the browzer plugin thing. Its best if u are moving around but still carrying ur browzer (portable browzer) along with u in a USB or something like that. The best one I’d suggest is a Firefox plugin called Video DownloadHelper 4.3 . This one will do the trick.

Now for the last option, and that will be to use an online downloader. Pretty unreliable compared to others but still when u are on the move and the other options are not available this one saves the day. Among the online downloaders I preffer . The site alsp provides both the aforementioned options as well. Now u have options to directly convert them into avi,mp4,3gp, mov or mp3 formats. So good for those out there who hate the FLV format. Hmm, me too hate flv.

I think you got whatever you were looking for…see ya..

Living with Flash CS4

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I have been learning Flash CS4 for the last one week.Pretty interesting stuff to code with actionscript 3. In fact its so simple and has a very fair learning curve. With all the new additions to AS3, its pretty simple to put something eye candy at the screen. Its not always about the eye candy nature, but it adds a lot of simplicity to life by allowing simulations of real life things.

Right now I am working on a project called Virtual Labs that can simulate all scientific experiments included in the engineering curriculum to be simulated. That may range from classical Torsion Pendulams to Diffraction Grating in quantum. Its not the code thing thats the hard part. The hard nut #1 is the difficulty in visualizing the complex movements and shapes. And the number #2 is the hard math behind them. Well in fact both are the same issue only. A motion that might look very simple will actually be formed by a number of complex governing equations.

Then there are challenges of making it look 3D. I have a previous experience of working in 3D developement using Blender. I have made a few 3D arcade and shooter games back in my 6th semester at college. This time in flash we do have a package called Paper vision that helps in that respect. I havent started using papervision yet. But I have already developed a flash game yesterday, well I named it “Van Helsing”(yeah go slay the vampires…boooo…).I have always liked playing and making games. But when it comes to making games I usually play,heee, thats no child’s play, that will cost a few millions and a few hundred people working for it..