I couldnt believe the Math.round() function in AS3 is so crippled. All it returns is the nearest integer value and ofcourse there is no way you can specify what is the precision of rounding. To make it worse it always rounds 1.5 to 1. Hmmm..

But the solution to this problem is pretty simple.  For example if u want a 2 decimal place rounding all we have to do is multply with 100,then round it and then divide it by 100. Confusing..well here is the code:

public static function roundDecimal(num:Number, precision:int):Number{

var decimal:Number = Math.pow(10, precision);

return Math.round(decimal* num) / decimal;


Well that was pretty simple right. Now go coding..all the best.


To get the “assign issue” option in JIRA you need to add yourself to the developer list.The steps for this are:

1.Goto http://issues.apache.org/jira/ and register there

2.Now download the Contributor license agreement from http://www.apache.org/licenses/

Individual contributors download ICLA.

3.Fill the form sign it and mail back(attach the scanned copy). The mailing format is:

Please add my id :   << ur JIRA id>>to Derby developers list.
I am attaching my ICLA.

Thanks & Regards


Now when ur request is approved u will get the assign issue to me option on the left pane of any bug or issue.

4.Assign it to urself and start working on it

5.Dont hesitate to post ur comments so that others can help u as well

A couple of days back I was talking about buying a new LCD TV since my TV blew up. And at the same time the union budet announced that there will be price reductions for LCD TVs. But it seems like it will take some more time for that change to actually hit the market. And more impotantly its Onam on its way, so that will give some more advantage for the buyer.

But there is no way I can keep watching that old darkbox and of course I cannot stay without watching TV at all. So I thought of buying an external TV tuner card for my PC (or laptop wherever i feel like plugging it). I already have a decent 20″ LCD monitor,so it would be enough to watch TV for now. In fact I bought an external TV tuner card yesterday. It is nothing great. Its a Zebronics make and costs some 1.5K, USB powered and supports S-Video. Got a decent remote control as well. The picture quality is  a bit grainy but I heard that it can get better if we use a better software. One of my friends advised me to use Chris TV.

I was having a hard time configuring it and tuning in all the channels. It was not as simple as they say. Kinda crappy interface also. What else can we expect for 1.5 grands. But I think this one will serve good as a secondary television. Now when the new TV is brought home I will have to ask the cable guys to gimme a split connection at home. Heard some cable guys do consider a split connection as two different connection,but I hope my agency is not that hard on such things.But guys if u are considering an external TV tuner card as a primary TV at home,be advised, thats a very bad idea.

Wow..it seems like google is planning to take over the world. This time its an OS from them and they call it the Google Chrome OS. The official blog calls it an “extension” of the Chrome browzer, they were kidding. Chrome OS is a lightweight, open-source PC-operating system that is built over the Linux kernel. And like most google products its supposed to be free of cost as well. Now thats a real deal..all the freedom of open-source and the support of a giant, thats most men’s dream.

The very concept the Chrome OS is that its the browzer thats the real OS. Most applications are kept online. Now what the OS is supposed to provide is a quick-starting light and power saving OS that can support this concept. Cynics might ask then how can it be a danger to the current  OS giant Microsoft when chrome is not designed for those power users out there at all. The issue gets strong when the figures show that most of the PC users are not the so called power users. They use PC to access the net, to stay in touch, to make words docs, spreadsheets and do presentations.People dont want to worry about carrying around files and searching out for drivers. Now for them Chrome is the answer to their prayers. And they are the majority. But of course those power users are gonna have a bad time with Chrome. Those like the multimedia eds and the gamers. But they are just a handfull in this world.

The announcement came this tuesday night and in just two days itself it has become one of the most discussed topics in the internet world. People are shooting questions on more detailed informations on the OS and its supports. Unconfirmed reports are coming from around the globe regarding Google negotiating with most OEMs invluding Dell, HP, Asus and Acer. But till this moement they havent given an official comment on that.And as far as the experts can think, it will be a good offer for those OEMs as well. Afterall it can save them around $50 per machine.Considering the ability of Chrome to run on X86 and ARM processors there is every reason to think chrome to be better suited for Netbooks than Windows.

However I was feeling like its Google’s vision into the future. They have already understood computing cannot be contained in a small box. They have realized cloud is the future. With the ability of clouds to share resources the internet becomes the backbone of all computing and all you will ever need is a browzer(what will a browzer look like at that time is something I cant predict).Now in that scenario, it will be the Chrome that makes the future. And what can we use Windows for then…perhaps to sit back and watch the clouds moving in the sky. I would like to quote a a few words I have read about this issue, “If indeed Google puts out a fast, easy to use operating system that lets netbooks soar and free users from constant software patches, Microsoft will find it very hard to explain to consumers why they should continue to use its software, other than just out of a foolish consistency.”

But at the end of the day,there is one thing that makes me wonder…what happened to the android project. HP already had plans to make it their OS for netbooks . Chrome is an entirely different OS and has nothing to do with the Android. Did they really drop the Android project or did they decide to keep it exclusive for the mobile devices. Man its Google. When they do something, there is always a purpose.

Finally a five year wait comes to an end. Google is tearing off its beta tag today. I dont know what took them five years to do that considering the fact that the so called ‘beta’ google apps were working fine all these time without crashing,and infact were more reliable than most other ‘final releases’. If you are a critic then the fact that more than 1,750,000 companies around the globe use Google apps to run their bussiness, and that includes Google as well. And they had more than what others had to offer and came with a 24×7 support.

Happy days ahead for those who thought that beta tag to be a real annoying thing to see and for those who thought that tag was a disgrace for the reputation of google. Those who felt insecure to live under a beta tag are also now happy. But what about those who were in love with that tag,it was a part of their daily life. Google has a solution for them too. They are providing an option from the Google Labs to re-enable the beta tag if u think u cant live without it. See how caring google is. I wasn’t joking,its this spirit that made Google the giant as we see now. They really earned it.

They are lifting the beta tag from the customer and enterprise versions of Gmail, Gtalk, Google calendar and google docs. Yes there are a lot of apps still in the google arsenal who still wear the tag, but time is lying unlimited before us. Just give it some more time dear. And if they ask me which product I want to get fixed next I will go with Picasa. Not that Picasa is crashing in my machine, but just to see a Google marvel without a naive tag.  Google Rocks!!!

And finally today…

Yesterday was the annual budget day in India and was the first after the general elections. The budget summoned mixed responeses, but altogether it was widely called the common man’s budget. But I call it a budget designed exclusively for me. I was planning to buy a cell phone and an LCD TV and whoa, the budget reduced the price of both of them. A bit childish to hear right,I am sorry, but I have to share my happiness with someone no?

Both the above mentioned appliances were very urgent at home. One fine morning the TV I was using just blew up. When I say blew up,dont get the impression that it exploded with a big bang. It simply went blank. So I better say my TV is now on a blackout. Still on putting the settings to highest values of brightness and contrast we still can see some picture.But the problem is everyone in the cast need to be caucassians. The blacks get too much of camouflague..oh I miss Will Smith..Good that the football is white, so Arjun can atleast see the ball moving on the field.

Now the cell phone, I am still using a Nokia 1100..still remember guys..hmm now we who use it have become a rare species ..To count there is me, Nandu, PS and Binu sir…he he. My mom really hates me still using it and keeps on asking me “Cant u buy a better one for god’s sake”…All these days I have been telling her no its fine with this one.Now I think I am starting to think differently.May be I shud go for a new one. But the one big problem with me is that when I think of buying something only the most expensive catches my heart. This time its the Nokia 5800 Music express. I think thats gonna burn a hole in my pocket with atleast a 20K. Hmmm. Yeah there is still deficit in the fund but its fine..the deficit is as small as 20K. But even with a 5800 I am not gonna throw the old 1100. I will need that whenever I am on a long trip. Noone beats 1100 when it comes to the battery life.

Anyway the priority number one is the TV. I am planning to buy a samsung LCD TV. Hey there is no way I can go for 32″…May be a 22″ or a 26″. There are 26″ models which are affordable but I need the connectivity specs and contrast ratio more than the size. I need a USB connectivity and atleast a 1:30000 dynamic contrast ratio. HDMI comes with every model nowadays. If its a 22″ I will be going for Samsung 22B480. Seems like a decent model. And I think I can adjust with a 22″..Afterall I was watching TV on a 21″ CRT till yesterday.

I was totally out of blogging for a pretty long time. To be honest i was a bit busy with many things. And now I am back. Still a bit busy with some deadlines ahead,but I hope I can manage to fire a few posts here. By the way, I am not just back. I am back with a new look. I mean a new theme for the blog. Atleast those who are very close to me would be frowning to see a non-black theme in my blog. I am well known here for my obsession with black.

Yeah I like black very much and I accept it that I am somewhat obsessed with it, and even now nothing has changed. So why a non-black theme…simple, I just got bored with the theme I was using and there arent many good black themes available in wordpress. So thought of making a blue shift. Now this theme gives me more room on the screen to put all those widgets. Now since the blog is growing pretty well, I think its necessary to get some more space on the screen..

By the way the blog is doing good these days. Though I was out of it for sometime it was up and running all the time. Now the total number of  hits have moved to a good 38000+ figure and I hope to hit a 50K in a month or a couple. Ok I think I am feeling a bit sleepy now..So bye for now..

And once again, I am back to blogging..It feels like getting back to home after a long time.