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Yeah its really a hard time when you change your cell number. Especially if you have been using for a pretty long time. I think two and a half years is a good span to get a lot of contacts and have ur number given to scores of people. Now I have changed my number. Let me say it first no more 9995207621 its 9567400056.

The biggest trouble in this course is to let all your contacts know that u have changed the number. Now that u have a lot of free sms, we can easily send them an sms. But since nowadays many ppl are using 2-3 sims and everyday u get a message saying, “hi, I am %#$ and this is my new number. Although I am using this one,I will be using my old number also. So please dont delete it.” Now ppl have grown tired of it..They no more care to update the number. Especially those like me who still use an old fashioned cell phone where the memory is limited. Dude, cant afford to keep n numbers of yours. There are others in this world as well.

Another trouble was to transfer all the contacts to the new sim. Another trouble of having an old phone. This time my dear friend Arjun saves the day. He’s got this N 73 and in a few clicks all his contacts were backed up and my contacts were transfered to the new sim using his cell as a one minute stay. You know what did that teach him. “Never help a friend”. The Nokia PC suite screwed up and most of his contacts were lost from the backup. Now while I was writing this blog only he told me that. I am terribly sorry for what happened,but what can I do now. If there  was some way, some goddamn way, I’d have done that to save the day. But unfortunately there is none. All I can do now is add that story to this blog as well. And I hope he dont stop helping friends for this, as I am riding on his bike only to the office.

Now if somebody’s asking me “Why on earth did u choose to change the number”, I had to. Reason number 1 is that my old connection was showing some sort of troubles in carrying messages to me. Now when I call the customer care, they tell me it all the other operators in Indi a who holds the fault. Customer care rocks. Now since other airtel users are fine, I thought changing the number wud be a good option. Another reason was that, its a corporate connection offered from where I am currently workign in. The offer was too good to resist. At a rental of INR 249 I get 1200 mins A2A and 600 mins A2M free with a free 300 sms per month. And the call rates if i exceed these limits wud be 30 ps for A2A,40 ps for A2M and 80 ps for Landline calls. Now if my math went well, I’d have a minimum savings of 490 INR per month when I switch to the new connection. That was something I cudnt conviniently ignore. If the Airtel guys dont have some kind of hidden charges in the plan, then I will be more than happy with this one. Most of my calls go to airtel numbers only. So atleast here,Airtel RoX in a good sense. So finally changed it.

Again i should be honest to tell that I had an emotional attachment with that number. There are a lot of things behind that. And there was a friend of mine who was more sad than I am when I changed the sim. Well, not one, two actually. I am sorry.

PS: Arjun lost a lot of contacts. Lot of important numbers. All the Infosys ppl’s numbers..And there is no other backup as well.