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Endwar Game…awsome man!!!

Posted: April 8, 2009 in games
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I just laid my hands on Tom Clancy’s Endwar Real-time strategic game..Its uber cool man..The literally kisses goodbye to the days of button smahing games and completely works onvoice commands.Of course those who still belong to the old school can have their option to play with mouse and keyboard.But still I wont recommend leaving the voice option since u can run the war as fast as u can think.Wanna have all the tanks attacking an enemy unit, just say “calling all tanks…attack hostile 4”..or if u want ur units to secure anuplink its just a matter of saying “unit 2 secure uplink foxtrot”…

Dont miss this all new experirnce.And dont miss the online action through theatre of war feature where there is a continuous battle occuring all over the world..Yes its the world war III…and as they say..”if u are reading this, the end has begun…”

Watch the trailer

And if thats not enough see some more…

I assure u man,u will get this same feel playing the game as well..especially if u are playing at a higher difficulty..