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Mozilla Firefox Profile Manager

Posted: April 11, 2009 in trivia
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Mozilla firefox is my favourite among the browzers, as it is with most of you guys. Too many plugins are available but god knows how is it gonna mess up with ur machine. Or may be u wanna switch at sometime to a low fancy style that dont eat ur PC, but sometimes you would like to run as a power user with a lot of extensions. So here is a solution.

Profile manager: Well u can always create a new profile and do all this so that any time u wanna revert to the previous state just swap the profile. Its so simple to manage profiles with the profile manager.Just run firefox with a parameter    -profilemanager. Create a shortcut on the desktop.Right click and take the properties. Add the parameter to the target .Dont forget to add a space before adding the parameter. Now use that shortcut to start and u wil be taken to the profile manager.