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Living with Flash CS4

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Graphics, Uncategorized

I have been learning Flash CS4 for the last one week.Pretty interesting stuff to code with actionscript 3. In fact its so simple and has a very fair learning curve. With all the new additions to AS3, its pretty simple to put something eye candy at the screen. Its not always about the eye candy nature, but it adds a lot of simplicity to life by allowing simulations of real life things.

Right now I am working on a project called Virtual Labs that can simulate all scientific experiments included in the engineering curriculum to be simulated. That may range from classical Torsion Pendulams to Diffraction Grating in quantum. Its not the code thing thats the hard part. The hard nut #1 is the difficulty in visualizing the complex movements and shapes. And the number #2 is the hard math behind them. Well in fact both are the same issue only. A motion that might look very simple will actually be formed by a number of complex governing equations.

Then there are challenges of making it look 3D. I have a previous experience of working in 3D developement using Blender. I have made a few 3D arcade and shooter games back in my 6th semester at college. This time in flash we do have a package called Paper vision that helps in that respect. I havent started using papervision yet. But I have already developed a flash game yesterday, well I named it “Van Helsing”(yeah go slay the vampires…boooo…).I have always liked playing and making games. But when it comes to making games I usually play,heee, thats no child’s play, that will cost a few millions and a few hundred people working for it..