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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Posted: April 17, 2009 in games
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Finally we have the much awaited COD4 sequel – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Anyone who has ever played the COD4 or atleast any of the CODs,you wont probably need me to tell thats the best in the franchaise. Now finally the announcement comes from a Microsoft sponsored Massive Inc that MW2 is in development and is all set to be released fall 2009,still the announcement being semi-official as Activision is keeping thier mouth shut.No dont worry,they cant resist to launch it for long. But when they try to do that the biggest challenge thy are gonna face is “making the best even better”.

The name COD comes with a lot of promises and right from COD 1 to 5 it never broke the oath,they always delivered the punch.If you haven’t played it yet its too bad man.Ok atleast see these vids and then think:

And with this one you can see what is the actual gameplay all about..

and perhaps this one is better

Anyway this game is unbeatable.COD 4 was a transition of COD series from their classic world war shooter to a real modern warfare thing.And they took us all out by surprise by going back to the hitler with COD5: The world at war. Now again starting to swing in the timeline they are back to the days of Obama and Hilary(oops..that wasnt a comparison with Hitler).Well at this point it would be good to have a sneak at COD5 just to prove that its not just another WWII shooter.

There is no game ever made with absolutely no flaws.So here is the fodder for the cynics. There are a few glitches reported regarding the multiplayer variant but for the single player mode,the only probelm you will ever face is that its too short.I finished the game in one streatch in less than 5 hours or so.And its pretty simple making you feel like its kids play to run a war,but not at a higher difficulty level.

So all the best guys..happy waiting..


Endwar Game…awsome man!!!

Posted: April 8, 2009 in games
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I just laid my hands on Tom Clancy’s Endwar Real-time strategic game..Its uber cool man..The literally kisses goodbye to the days of button smahing games and completely works onvoice commands.Of course those who still belong to the old school can have their option to play with mouse and keyboard.But still I wont recommend leaving the voice option since u can run the war as fast as u can think.Wanna have all the tanks attacking an enemy unit, just say “calling all tanks…attack hostile 4”..or if u want ur units to secure anuplink its just a matter of saying “unit 2 secure uplink foxtrot”…

Dont miss this all new experirnce.And dont miss the online action through theatre of war feature where there is a continuous battle occuring all over the world..Yes its the world war III…and as they say..”if u are reading this, the end has begun…”

Watch the trailer

And if thats not enough see some more…

I assure u man,u will get this same feel playing the game as well..especially if u are playing at a higher difficulty..