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One big mistake people do after submitting an abstract for GSoC is that they simply wait for the results to come up and do nothing…No..that way you gotta be really lucky to get through.

I just applied for a project with UMIT and they send me these guidelines, rather tasks, to get into a sponsored project.Although this is exclusively for UMIT projects its strongly advised that you do something similar for all applications u have posted.

Most important submit a very detailed proposal via mail…not the 500 character abstract you submitted.That should reflect both the amount of knowledge , idea and motivation you possess.

Then comes those tasks they sent me…

Here are the tasks, and their following scores:

1 – Find a bug and report it in Umit’s bug tracker, with relevant
details (1 pt)
2 – Find a bug and report it in Umit’s bug tracker, with relevant details and a description of how to reproduce the bug (2 pt)
3 – Suggest a patch in the devel mailing list to fix a bug in the tracker,and get the patch accepted and applied (3-7 pt)
4 – Give relevant comments and suggestions about a patch that was sent to the devel mailing list (1 pt)
5 – Find Umit’s easter eggs, and explain how they work (shhish… Don’t tell anyone how did you find them 😉 (2 pt) – Students from last year who already know where are the easter eggs, doesn’t have points here.
6 – Relevant translation work (3-6 pt)
7 – Relevant documentation (howto, manual, help, article, etc.) (3-8 pt)
8 – Relevant improvements to code base, discussed and aproved at the devel mailing list (2-6 pt)

well these bug trackers are present for most of the open source projects…like bugzilla, JIRA and all…you just need to get enlisted thats all…so all the best..if u get in send me a note.. 🙂