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It has been sometime since I started noticing this, but now its getting more and more serious. I no more do a lot of things which I used to do previously. Somebody in family said I am not doing things around, I told them I am now busy with my work and can no more spend a lot of time on such things..

Well, that was a big lie. I dont take my work home. That means I have absolutely nothing to do after 5.30 pm. The story wasnt same when I used to be a student. I used to have a project or some kinda extra work to keep me occupied. But despite of all that I was a regular gamer, used to spend a lot of time on phone and too much time in front of TV. I used to go for a movie once in a while as well. But now, with all that free time I am doing none of these.

The job not only gave me a lot of free time but also a new mobile connection which is an almost free kinda thing. But still I am making half the phone calls I used to make. Everyday I start with decisions to call up one of my friends and end up the day with another name in the “to-call” list. I am becoming lazy even to type an sms…even to post a tweet. Then comes the gtalk thing. Previously I was too cautious not to miss even a single IM. But now sometimes I dont answer to an IM even if I am in front of the PC(not always ok..). And now recently I have even stopped updating my blog. That is not something usual. See this post came after such a long time, that this whole interface seems strange for me now.

The worst part is with gaming. People who knew me for sometime will also know how much I loved gaming. Even thats stopped now. I downloaded COD 5 long back but still dinn even install it..I clearly remember how I played COD 4. The same day i got the disc, I finished it in one stretch of of 6 hours gameplay. Hmmm..its been a while playing CS as well.

So what am I doing these days..I am not sure. Till a couple of days back Arjun used to be at home,and we saw a few films together. Now that he is gone, I dont know what will happen to the filmy evenings. Is it the TV blew up. Its in a blackout. So untill I buy a new one there is no TV. The computer? Yeah it is the computer..that I know, but what am I doing with it..nothing much. Random reading. Thats what happens most time. Eating wikipedia is another thing. Then learning totally weird things…things like Mil-dot ranging for long range shooting, counter interrogation tactics,…what am I going to do with the world?? I dont know. Then there is a lot of youtube viewing as well.

I think its high time I need to find a girlfriend, otherwise I might get married to wiki or youtube…is there a section 377 something that talks about a man-machine affair…


A fine sunny sunday morning ,what could be more frustrating than to be at the office..that too all alone.I am supposed to go to Chennai next week for ISRO interview and I asked my project manager for a 3 day leave.When I was asking for a leave I meant a loss of pay kinda leave. But what I got was a compensatory leave ,that means I have to work 3 sundays to make it up. That saves me 3 days salary but its too frustrating to be here alone.

But please dont have the impression that my project manager is a jerk like most others in the industry. He is an excellent guy,one of the best in his kind. Not annoying, never pester us asking for status, but on the same time keeps a check on the progress. Another good thing is that he knows the technical side too. So he perfectly understands the trouble in making things work and help a lot in that respect also.He knows what all components we have in shelf and when and where to reuse them. The rest of the crew is too jovial. We always have a nice time at the office. Once the PM is out it simply becomes something comparable to my old classroom. If the PM wasnt there then I am sure nothing called “work” would happen there.

I am frustrated about this sunday job,on the other hand Arjun was asking for a sunday a month. So he can take a compensatory leave on the next saturday and go home for two days twice a month atleast. But that request is still under consideration. May be they are a bit doubtful if we will work properly without anyone to control and monitor us.

Now the ISRO thing is pestering me a lot. The whole of my family want me to go there.Well I am yet to go for the interview and they have already decided my career. Oh my god,this is getting into my head. Some of my relatives have already started making offerings to temples and all. Some are already investigating on the possibilities of getting posted at Trivandrum. I got my admission to a University in France (Sofia Antipolis) but I dinn tell anyone except my mother because they wont even care to listen. All they want to say is ISRO. My mom also favours ISRO over France,but thats becos she can’t even think about not seeing me for a full two year span. Despite of saying all this, neither I can stay 2 years without seeing her. I love her to an extent most of you cant possibly fathom. Will see what happens.

I got a mail from CTS saying they will be sending the offer letter on early 2010. If I am not getting ISRO and cant make it to France (money matters a lot..and my mom too..), then my other options are Infosys and CTS. I already received a call letter from Infy saying I have to join on 9th of November 2009. The last thing I want to do is join Infy. But considering the economic scenario of the world, I shud accept that it will be really unwise not to join and wait for CTS. Chances are there that they might never call. Many of us cogs have already made up their mind to go to infy.

I have never felt IT as a good career for an engineer.I have been learning Computer Science.I didnt do it make somebody’s payroll for the rest of my life. I have made enterprise applications before.I have used many of those those technologies they claim to be the state of the art ones. But in the end what is happening more than “taking data out of the database,presenting it neatly and then putting it back”.There is no need for brain,all u need to have is patience,learn n number of technologies and put them together.

I am not telling that this job needs no brains at all,on the other hand I am asking does this job really demand a four year engineering graduation.We can train a +2 student for 6 months and he can do it neatly. And where is our chance of innovation.Your PL says and you do it. Thats all. Like one my friends in Infy(he is an intern there now) said “we are slaves wearing formals”.And another thing,you can kiss goodbye to a good and peaceful family life,esp if ur spouse is also from the same kind of industry.

So even if I join infy, my plans are still the same. I have all those referance letters and the same spirit left. I will keep on trying for something like ISRO or a higher studies option.

[PS: This is an excerpt from my personal diary.Therefore what u read is completely my personal opinion. If you feel hurt or feel that the information is not true, please, I apologize]

After a short break of fever and some travels finally I am back. But the problem is I am not getting an idea to write about.Hmmm..I am thinking…

Not my mistake, I was hit with heavy fever. Was in the bed,alone. Took a days leave from the office, dinn feel like asking for an extension, and as a result of working another day in the cold room, I was duly brought back to the same old bed. My tonsils now weigh a stone and is twice the size its supposed to be. That means, no food..other than some semifluid crapy stuff. I wonder why on earth did god invent such dirty diseases..May be to pay an installment of the tortures u are supposed to receive in your after life.

But food is not a big problem, since I have 7 tablets and a capsule a time, which is more than enough to satisfy an average apetite. And you can have lots of water and air(despite I am having suffocation, air is still free and abundant). Well the doctor seems to be confused in determining what kind of fever I am having and it looks like she prescribed a medicine for every available variant of fever. Not just tabs I got a couple of injections also(raising the total count to 4). One on my hand(IV) and one on my butts(technically speaking, sub-cutaneous).

So with all that and another days leave the fever has finally come down to a post in my blog. The tonsils went back to its puny little state opening way for food..FOOD…to go into my pipe(was it eosophagus..easophagus..esophagus…aahh..cant they just make it ‘esofagus’..complicating life unnecessarily when hundreds of engineers and scientists are working 24×7  to make it simpler…show some humanity man). Now I am gonna resume work tomorrow only to drop out in the same evening for my much yearned weekend. I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be a ‘weak’end.

Hmm, the doc says I need rest. So for a change lemme go and try to find some sleep. God, its 11:40 pm. Considering my regular time-table its just evening man. May be I should consider this as a bit belated afternoon sleep…lol…Oh,so its still not 12…that means its still today and not tomorrow..oh obviously..ok then, this is the thrid day,ok..bye

Had to take a small break

Posted: June 4, 2009 in personal

Was a bit too busy these days so that I had to take a small break from blogging. I was really messed up with the job and at the same time I had to apply for some MS programmes. That burned some bucks of my wallet as well. Hmm, anyway I am back. Alright enough of this, lemme go n write something usefull..

IPL comes to an exciting end…

Posted: May 24, 2009 in personal
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This post might look so odd in this blog. Yes I know that, but since its my blog its my wish that rules. Despite my team ending up in the last place I must admit that it was a real thriller, especially the finale. Wow, its the deccan chargers finally. Cant really believe they made it to the top from the bottom of the tables(last time they were the last…).And more interestingly both the finalists were the in the last two positions of the table last year. This has made the most unpredictable game more unpredictable.

Right now I am watching the presentation and closing ceremony..oh my god thats Akon performing. Wow,he’s one of the most happening men out there..IPL has been spending money like nothing. It will hard to estimate how many millions were spent on this. They mixed up cricket and entertainment in a perfect way and it made a big HIT..All the big names from both the spheres were in the show..SRK, Preity, Shilpa Shetty and more..

And for those who bought the teams, it was a bussiness of huge fortune. It was promised that the investors wil be in profit from the third year onwards but amazingly they went on profit right from the second year..Did somebody say anything about recession…he he..This is Cricket in India..It sells..

After ISRO its DRDO now..

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It was  a day back I was lucky enough to clear the ISRO prelims and now comes the other challenge…this time its from DRDO..The Defense Research and Development Organisation. Wow, what a cool thing would it be to become a Defense Scientist. Alright, lemme see if I can do this one,afterall I have seen these defense scientist kind only in hollywood flicks. Already asked a friend to get an application form. Is it some sort of a defense protocol not to offer an online application. Anyway that was bad.

The profile looks cool. The key areas of research include:

1.   Stealth:

  • Radar absorbing materials and Structures(RAM/RAS)
  • Electromagnetic Signature Reduction – IR Signatures/EM Emissions
  • Counter Stealth Techniques
  • Multi Spectral Stealth Techniques
  • Active camouflage/Cloaking Devices
  • Air Frame Shaping
  • Any other related topic

2.   GaN Devices:

  • High Frequency Operations
  • High temperature Applications
  • High purity material and techniques for device fabrication
  • MMIC
  • Any other related topic

3. SiC Devices:

  • High power electronics
  • High frequency devices for telecommunication uses
  • Sensors for extreme high temp & pressure
  • Any other related topic

4. Soldier as a system:

  • Clothing, communication and Weapons system
  • for Soldier comfort
  • Visual Devices, FCS & Surveillance system
  • NBC protection and decontamination
  • Physiological Monitoring system
  • Environmental protection
  • Any other related topic

5. Nanotechnology:

  • CNTs and CNT-based nanocomposites for structural/energy applications
  • Nano electronics- actuators, sensors and displays; cold cathodes; nano/molecular electronics; NBC devices
  • Modeling and simulation of nanomaterials
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials
  • Any other related topic

6. Tera Hertz:

  • Detection of hidden explosives/drugs/weapons
  • Detectors and Sensors
  • Terahertz microelectronics
  • Terahertz imaging/spectroscopy
  • Tomography
  • High speed communication
  • Any other related topic

7. Sensors:

  • IR, ICCD, MMW Imagers
  • Un-cooled IR sensor arrays for imaging
  • SAR/Radars
  • IRST
  • Biomimetic Electronic Nose for Biometric Identification
  • Acoustic imaging/sensing
  • Magnetic and chemical sensing
  • Sensor fused ATR
  • Multi sensor data fusion
  • Any other related topic

8.   Laser Technology:

  • Laser materials
  • Laser spectroscopy for explosive detection
  • Femto-second laser and applications
  • Tunable laser and applications
  • Laser plasma interaction
  • Any other related topic

9.   Functional materials:

  • Electrochemical coating
  • Self cleaning coating
  • Piezoelectrics/Ferroelectrics/Magnetics/
  • Multi-ferroics/Shape Memory Alloys
  • Electro/Magneto Rheological Fluids
  • Any other related topic

10. Solar Energy:

  • Solar cells based on Crystalline/Porous Si, CNT and Polymers
  • Flexible solar panels
  • Storage devices
  • Power packs for Military Systems
  • Any other related topic

11.  Multiband Conformal Antennas:

  • Modelling
  • Beam synthesis
  • Low cost radiator technology
  • Novel beam forming techniques
  • Hardware
  • Any other related topic

12.Gasturbine Technologies:

  • Propulsion Techniques
  • Studies of flow and heat transfer
  • Automated optimization methods for 3D geometrical design
  • Turbine profile aerodynamics and cooling
  • High Temperature Sensors
  • Single Crystal based Turbine Blades
  • Rapid Protityping
  • CFD simulation
  • Damage Tolerant Design
  • Any other related topic

13.  Hypersonics:

  • Hypersonic flow studies
  • Shockwave tunnels/shock detonators
  • Hypersonic explosive phenomenon
  • Specialized test facilities
  • Any other related topic

14. Nanophotonics:

  • Deformable micro-mirrors for adaptive optics
  • Intelligent Sensors
  • High capacity Storage
  • Other related topics

15.  High Energy Materials:

  • High Lethality Munitions
  • Directional Warheads
  • Incendiary Warhead for Fortified Targets
  • Any other related topic

16. High Power Microwaves including EMP:

  • Microwave precision guided munitions
  • Unmanned combat air vehicles
  • Microwave self protection pods
  • E-Bomb
  • Simulation and Mitigation techniques
  • EMP test facilities/integration and coupling analysis
  • Any other related topic

17.  Network Centric Operations:

  • High speed networking
  • Adhoc Networking
  • Multisensor data fusion
  • Software defined radios and cognitive radios
  • Artificial Neural network
  • Any other related topic

18.  MEMS:

  • MEMS based Micro Sensors and Actuators
  • Drug delivery system
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Lab on chip
  • Any other related topic

19.  High Efficiency Aerodynamics:

  • High-bypass turbofan
  • Cavitation in spray orifices
  • Low gravity fluid dynamics
  • Optical methods for studying hypersonic boundary layer transitions
  • Any other related topic

20.  Active protection System :

  • Radar System
  • Detection of Incoming threat/Early warning
  • Fragmentation techniques of ammunition
  • Increasing survivability
  • Other related topics

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