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Google Chrome

Posted: May 20, 2009 in google, reviews
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I am using google chrome right now and I am really loving it. What surprises me most is the startup latency. Its like u click the shortcut,bang, here it is..And the incognito window feature is something I always wanted.The speed dial feature they use is too cool. And the good part is they intelligently places my favorite links on them and I dont have to manually set anything.It appears like google is taking care of me personally. I have heard complaints that it sometimes crashes but I have never had one yet. And well if u are using the Beta version then you should be expecting a few of them. So I suggest those who are crying on it,please let the google guys know more about the crash so that they can fix it.

And dear please dont ask whether chrome is the next IE..IE is way out of picture. Though I am a windows fan, I should say that IE suX big time. Too slow, damn heavy..I hate IE browsing. The major contender in my opinion is the Firefox 3 from Mozilla. There are practically unlimited number of plugins available for firefox (though most of them only crashes the browzer)..Well lets wait and see who finally wins..Anyway I am using chrome only..

There are a hundred other reasons to say Chrome is the best. Now my friend Gunjan Gogia has written a bit on her blog about the same.Since we share the same opinion I will just put a link to there from here.

And to finish it,Google rocks!!! And chrome too.


Hmmm…finally we are having a 64 GB flash drive.The first question that wud come to mind might be why do we ever need that when we can get a TB of space as an external HDD.Well the point is the size and light weight.You can always carry it around in ur pocket and can be used as a lock for the pc or laptop(they do provide the software support for that).And needless to say they dont need the power cable at all.

Looks a bit fat for pen drives,but still small enogh to score over an HDD. And there are also some backup softwares bundled.Hmmm…anyway i cant have my backups fit into a 64 gigs capsule.

On the negative side I doubt the performance.The 32 gig one from kingston I have used was so slow that the only thing it can be ever used for will be to store backups which are hardly ever accessed.And I suspect the performance to be ever worse in this case.Well thats something I am assuming.I havent yet put my hands on one of this.Call me the prejudiced.Now I will come back to one point I already mentioned.Do we really need it. Personally I will preffer to go for an external HDD which does not need an external power supply.  I just bought one from Seagate(320 gigs) for 3.5 K (INR).Thats way less than a 100 dollars and comes with a 5 year warranty and amazing performance weighing just 160 gms.So why wud I ever need this 64 gigs thing especially if it costs over INR 2000.

Anyway its all upto you,but I strongly recommend not to go for this one unless you have a lot of money and you are out of options.

My Dell XPS 1530

Posted: April 19, 2009 in hardware, reviews
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Well its not new,it was six months back I bought a Dell XPS 1530 laptop for my personal use,but that time I wasnt blogging.So this is a belated review about the same. Well you have one advantage,I am writing this after using the machine for a considerably long time as opposed to most other reviews written after a few days or even a few hours of running.

As you know Dell lets you to customize ur laptop to every possible bit lemme first tell my configuration.

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T8300 2.4GHz, 3MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB

Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Premium 32 bit SP1 Edition (English)

15.4″ Widescreen WXGA+ (1440×900) TFT Display with TrueLife(TM)

4GB ( 2 X 2048MB ) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

250GB SATA Hard Drive

256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8600 GT

And some other fancy stuff like the biometric fingerprint reader and n-mini card WiFi.

Now let me put it straight,I am damn happy with my laptop.It gives me all the punch I ever needed.I can run any application available and till date my configuration didnt prevent me from playing any title on the market. May be for the latest games you will have to settle with some lesser visuals,but still for the money I paid it rocks.And the look and feel is good.The tuxedo black fits all ocassions.

The processor is powerful but it never heats up too much.In case of heat emission my laptop never troubled me.But always make sure you keep it on a flat surface. Even in the power saver mode it can do most of the work faster than my PC. 4 gigs of RAM mostly lies unused so i shared a good part of it with the graphics card.Now with an additional 1.5G memory my card gives me amazing visuals.I just finished playing Crysis:Warhead and EndWar(now waiting for FEAR 2 to reach me).

The little beast is pretty feature rich and delivers power too.With that WXGA+ screen you have an amazingly good view angle.The slot load dvd saves a lot of space on my desk and free me from the worry that the tray might break off one day. The battery back up is average.I get a 3 hour backup in the power saver mode but might fall to one hour or less at high performance and wifi on.

Now lets talk a bit about the darker side.It sometimes gives some sound from the harddisk as if some grinding is happening inside. The build quality of Dell was never too good and so is the case with this one.The hinge joints looks good but will be history in one good smash. The lit up touch buttons on the front panel are a bit unresponsive and can be very annoying when you try to do the volume control from there. The slot load dvd never let you play the small sized discs. The media direct button is one part you will never touch in your whole life.

But despite of all these the machine is a consistent performer.It hasnt gone down even a bit since the day it arrived. And the service they offer is amazing.You get a motherboard replacement in 36 hours. And for all this I paid 66K after all taxes and deductions.