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Is India a Hindu Nation???

Posted: May 9, 2009 in India
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After reading my previous posts do you think I will ever say an aye for that statement. I still say India is a secular nation,doesnt matter what those “others” say about it. I take a small news piece from Express India.Here is what the RSS think about the above mentioned thing.

The RSS said at Jaipur that Hindutva is the “identity” of the country and asked the people to be proud of it.

“Our identity is Hindutva and the people should be proud of it. The society should work for removal of evils and the welfare of the country,” RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat said while addressing volunteers at a gathering in Jaipur. “India is a Hindu nation, which is an eternal fact,” he claimed.

Bhagwat said shaping the present “modern” society along the lines of traditional Hindu culture and traditions will be the ideal route to social welfare.

He said the RSS wants to make people “responsible, and dedicated” towards the nation, which, according to him, was above all.

“Creating a well-cultured society is our aim and not contesting elections or winning seats,” Bhagwat said.And there ends the news.

Oh my god, did you read the last line..they have no political intentions..god I am laughing out my intestines. Its really sad that people on top of such widely known groups spitting out such irresponsible comments. Isn’t this a clear challenge against the constitution of India. Or cant we call that a mean exploitation of our Right to freedom of expression. In that case, this kind of freedom has to be curbed taking into mind how its gonna inject the poison of religious hatred into the veins of our youth.

This grows a feeling that India is just the land of Hindus and those who are not Hindus are not Indians. I remember a man who had similar thoughts about his own race. He died some 64 years back, but by that time he passed on those thoughts to hundreds of thousands of people. And as a result millions died. Remember Mr. Adolf Hitler? Please dont let more of his kind breed amongst us. Once India loses those pillars its made on, India is no more will become “history” instead.


WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

That what you just read is the preamble of Indian constitution and it clearly stress on the word “SECULAR”.It is that secularism that bound India together despite of hosting a number of religions like no other place in the world. That makes my nation different and that makes me proud of my nation. And its that lack of secular feeling in the minds of Indians that lead to terrorism and its the same problem that lead to unfortunate events like the Babari Mazjid issue.

It become worse when religion gets mixed up with politics. Political parties twist and bend this for their own good.All they need is vote.I dont believe it was all the hindus who needed Babri mazjid to be razed to rubbles.Nor I believe all muslims in India want a seperate nation. Its the voice of a few which is being blown up by the media and the politicians. I still cant find the logic is seperating people based on the religion.Isnt it as primitive as the racial descrimination in the west.It is.We are civilized,we are educated,we are free thinkers.

Our system grants us full permission to think and speak freely, which is beyond something u can dream in many other countries.But never misuse that freedom to stage hate speeches.Let it be against the hindus or muslims or sikhs or christians, that should never come out of educated minds. Any offense to the secular nature of our country is nothing less than terrorism. When you hate any Indian, you are really hating India,because India is just a name for the place where all the Indians live. The moment you realize that fact you can see the real picture.

If you really believe you are a good Indian, and want to help towards this cause, please correct the others whenever you find them going in the other path.If you have an experience to share please do that here. May be you are a hindu or a muslim or whatever they call you, but remember above all that you are an Indian. Religion was introduced to put some order in our life and defenitely not as a reason to kill each other