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Oops that was pretty shocking to hear that Oracle is buying Sun for 7.4 billion dollars,shocking because of so many reasons.Reason one is I never knew it was ought to happen.After those rumours that IBM is acquiring Sun I shud have been expecting it.And I was expecting to know that a bit earlier because our University has strong tie ups with Sun.Secondly its the recession that made it unexpected.It was heard that the companies are finding it hard to pay their employees and at that time such a big acquisition sounded pretty odd to me.

Despite of the initial shock I am happy to see that still companies have the potential to expand and thats is good sign at this difficult time.The interest IBM,HP and Cisco showing on expanding is even more encouraging. Being a tech graduate I am also one of those who are really concerned about the global economic meltdown.So this becomes a happy day for me.Sounds naive right,then I will make it worse in the rest of the article. But for me the sad part is that I was promised a two or three flash drives (for the Netbeans Promo) and a few tshirts for some other promo, which i don’t even remember what it was,are all in jeopardy. I hope either they will either postpone the¬†acquisition or Oracle will live be good and honest enough to keep that promise…oops…did I write this at the wrong time…sorry…


Oh my god,has somebody got the nerve to think about another world war..then somebody tell me who all are

gonna be the superpowers…russia and US..the old boys…what about China..India too can be a player.huh?

Or is it google…he he..anyway lets try out this simulation and see who wins…

Oh we forgot Mr.Gates right.??